We enjoyed our second outing of IABSM last night - and upped the ante on the force size after our simple game last week - this was Kicking in the Door from one of the old v2 Russian Front supplements.

My Germans got pretty much stopped in their tracks on entering the board and an attempt to flank a nasty sniping KV-1 (behind the house, top centre) on the left was equally thwarted. Still, was good fun, we're gradually learning the rules and are going to continue the battle next week, but I think it may be the Russkie's game

We played the second part of our Russian front game the other night, oranges having been served at half time...

My left flank Panzer push ended in multiple toasted German tanks, but attempts by my fresh second platoon of infantry to take the village initially went very well - my opponent had revealed a platoon of Soviet sailor boys who, despite their jaunty attire, got stopped by my fire.

Then he revealed another tank and another small platoon of Naval Infantry to my front! Yikes!

Flanking attacks from his NKVD and a KV1 stopped my infantry in its tracks and the game ended with the Ruskies still in charge of the objective.

This was our second outing with IABSM. We're enjoying learning the rules and there are some nice mechanisms which make for fun play.

Note to self: Don't de-cloak a platoon of infantry off a blind so near to the enemy that he can immediately fire and get a fistful of bonuses for adjacent targets!

Alistair Birch