A 6mm IABSM game played at Giga-bites Café Spring, 2017, this scenario is the action that took place on the outskirts of Kolonie on the Belgium-Dutch border on the morning of September 14, 1944. The Allied bridgehead was held by the 5th Coldstream Guards (11 Armoured Division) with C Squadron of the 15/19 Hussars just down the road.

The German units coming down the road straight for the canal consisted of 6 Luftwaffe BewahrungsBatalillon zur besondere Verwendung (a Luftwaffe penal unit) and Sturmgeschutze from 2/559 schwere Heeres Panzerjager Abteilung.

At the end, the mediocre Luftwaffe troops and the StuGs pull back. The Germans lost four full sections and several others: a total of 46 men and a StuG.

The Brits had much fewer infantry casualties:  11 men and one Platoon Leader, a PIAT team, and two Cromwells.

Historically, the German attack also petered out. Sergeant Hollis received a Military Medal, and Roderick the Military Cross. The appearance of the Hussars was the turning point in the game and in actuality.

Mark Luther