I just got back from France and Normandy so I was in the mood for a D-Day game. I also wanted something basic and that would allow for both sides to do some manoeuvring, so a straight out assault on dug in stationery troops was out. I came up with the move in from Asnelles by the B Company 2 Devons and the counterattack by the 916 Grenadier Regiment later in the day on June 6 1944.

The two German Grenadier companies had 2 3-section Zugs. I rated them as poor troops. This company had two attached MMG teams. The German orders were to get off the north edge of the table. A pair of StuG IIIs would show later.

For the Brits, B Company of the 2 Devons had all three platoons, but I also rated them as poor troops for this game. Between being seasick and inexperienced they were not fully up to their game. A troop from the Sherwood Rangers were assigned as support but were running late. Their orders were to advance south and get off the table.They began on the north board edge.

As was historical, the German's counterattack falters on the outskirts of Asnelles.

Overall loses for the Brits are two Shermans, one Platoon CO, and 21 men.

The 916th lost four men in 1 Kompanie and two in 2 Kompanie. But both StuGs are gone with one crew lost and now the British artillery will start to get established. But the Germans certainly gave the Devons a bloody nose.

Mark Luther