A return to "I Ain't Been Shot, Mum".  This is one of the last battles in the "Bashyna or Bust" campaign by the Too Fat Lardies. The Germans have dug in on the road to Bashyna in an effort to stop the rot. 

As some of our club members wished to try out IABSM, I thought this scenario would be a good introduction. Bob and Mike played the part of the Germans with Steve C and Allan taking on the role of the Soviet commanders.

The bogged down Russian commanders felt that they were getting nowhere and decided to call it a day, opting to withdraw rather than take any more punishment.

The well co-ordinated German defence had held the line and prevented the Soviets taking Bashyna, just down the road from here.

We were quite rusty with the rules not having played them for some time and trying to remember how the indirect fire works was a challenge.  Probably not an impressive start for Mike, Allan and Bob as Steve Clarke and I really like IABSM.

Must have another go soon to persuade them they are onto a good thing!