Wonderful news from The Other Partizan show at Newark today. Our WW2 Pacific Theatre public participation game of Peleliu 1944 played using TFL ruleset “I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum”was awarded the prize for Best Participation Game.

Well to to all the chaps in the team for the splendid effort in making this project come off the drawing board and turn into a reality.

Thanks to Barry Foster and Richard Hudson for enduring the role of hard-pressed yet sneaky Japanese defenders; to Dave Wilso, Michael Togwell, Chris Breley and Andy Sharpe for being exceptional ambassadors meeting and greeting prospective players and to Ralph Gibson and Dale Askew for guiding the more junior participants through the course of the game in their roles as Marine commanders.

We received lots of praise for our work, caught up with old friends and made some new ones. All around us were Lard based participation games and it was great to see the Group absorbed into the wider Lard community.

Better still was to receive great feedback from author Richard Clarke and IABSM scenarios scribe Rob Avery. Thanks chaps it means a lot to us.

Here a few photos of the game. The first taken by Steve Vickers.

Tim Whitworth