We tested the Peleliu game planned for The Other Partisan show last night and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Using IABSM v3 and the theatre-specific rules from v2, we played our first stab at Peleliu.

Here are a few pics:

The vehicles shown are from:

  • LVT2 are Frontline Miniatures; BPM or diecasts

  • LVT 4(A) are Britannia, Die cast or home 3D

  • Shermans are Armourfast

  • DUKW are Frontline Miniatures (resin).

Figures are Britannia, Kelly’s, Stonewall with some Revell plastics.

We also put together some specific card decks for the game, including a couple of critical effect cards that will be crucial to how the game flows:

As for the scenery, it’s mainly scratch built with trees from eBay.

Japanese bunkers were constructed as follows: Barry Foster built the basic shape from a preformed craft box and covered it in Das clay. We then painted it with Sandtex paint and added some of our home made jungle floor mix.

Tim Whitworth and the Like A Stonewall Wargames Group