In the second scenario of Sea Lion, German infantry of the 39th Infantry Regiment (played by Frederik) had to clear the area around Pevensy and overcome several pockets of resistance of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. To balance the scenario, I allowed the British player Elias (who is only 9 y.o.) a free deployment and upgraded the local Home Guard platoon to regular infantry status.

Elias posted almost all his forces in the houses in Wallsend Road, overlooking both bridges that were vital for the German player to capture. Two sections of British infantry and a light mortar were positioned in the area of Bexhill Road with orders to delay the German advance. Although these two sections were eventually wiped out, they kept some German troops busy for most of the game.

The rest of the Germans advanced to the bridges, but were halted by heavy British fire. Lacking artillery support or armour, the Germans took heavy losses and managed to establish only a small bridgehead. After fifteen turns, the Germans had run out of steam (and troops) and decided to wait for further reinforcements. Although losses were about equal (42 British k/w/m against 40 Germans), the British had held their positions and had thus achieved a clear victory.

Karim van Overmeire