Some pictures of the first scenario of ‘Operation Sea Lion’ that we played: ‘the Fight for the Military Canal’. A company of the British Home Guard had to guard a bridge. They were attacked by German paratroopers that had landed behind the British lines.

Frederik planning his attack

Because Elias, who played with the British, is only 9 years old, I upgraded the three sections of Home Guard to four sections of Regular Troops. Still, the British had a very hard time against the highly trained paratroopers, led by Frederik. Half of the British troops were on the wrong side of the Canal, and when they tried to cross, they were pinned on the bridge by German fire. With British troops on the bridge, it was not possible to blow it.

Germans attacking the village

Elias still holding out against the paratroopers

Soon, the Germans took the boathouse with the detonator and then dashed to the other side of the canal. By now, British reinforcements launched a counterattack with infantry and carriers, but this was halted by the German fire.

It’s hard to reach the middle of the table when you’re only nine!

British pinned on the bridge, explosives are in position

In the last turn, a determined British bayonet charge overran two German machineguns that were facing the wrong direction. That could not change the result: with the bridge in German hands and ten Germans killed against fifty-six British losses (likked/wounded/MIA), this was a clear German victory.

Karim Van Overmeire

Counter-attack with carriers and infantry

Germans dashing over the bridge