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The inaugural TFL Games Day at the Devon Wargames Club took place on Saturday 8th September 2018. One of the games on display was a Charlie Don't Surf! extravaganza put on in 10mm by guest attendee Dave J. Here are some words and pictures about the game by Clotted Lardee Carojon:

CDS at Clotted Lard 2018

I was really interested to see how this game would play as I have never seen or played a game of Charlie Don't Surf! although I am very familiar with it's close cousin I Ain't Been Shot, Mum for WWII.

The other really interesting aspect was that it was played using 10mm Pendraken figures, a scale I would not have thought of using for a Vietnam game, but I think you will agree that Dave J from Plymouth, one of our two visitor organised games, carried it off really well with an exquisite table to match the figures.

'Blinds' are placed as the opposing sides start to feel out each others position

The game saw the usual movement to contact using Blinds, such an important aspect in sight limiting terrain, as US forward operating teams attempted to shepherd some pigs rounded up in a hostile village patrol towards the defence perimeter of a railway marshaling yard.

All this as a North Vietnamese company attack assembled on the overlooking high-ground.

Pig herding whilst under mortar fire - not recommended!

As the Vietnamese infantry moved in through the close country supported by occasional mortar fire and smoke, US forces rushed forward to support their forward teams guarding the perimeter wire and the scene soon erupted to the sound of rapid machine-gun fire, interlaced with criss-crossing tracer and RPG rounds, as both sides let rip.

The detail on these little 10mm chaps is amazing and together with the terrain really created a great effect

The Vietnamese mortars drop smoke rounds to cover a hard pressed platoon on the edge of the US perimeter

The NVA are moved up to the perimeter

Yellow dice in among the jungle indicate accruing NVA shock

US troops man positions on a quiet sector of the perimeter as the battle erupts to their right.

US carriers help to add yet more hurt with their support weapons

I really enjoyed watching this game evolve and recognised a great system suitably adapted for this period of military history.