Okay, so some of these aren't dummies, right?

Ash ran a scenario from Surf's Up, involving a Communist (run by myself and AndyMac) incursion from Cambodia into 'Nam, where the Free World [FW] forces (Pippa) were trying to deny them a river crossing.

Lots of scouting with a solitary scout platoon to start, as the Commies don't get any Blinds until the blank card starts coming up. We do get lots of Recon Bonus cards, so we did manage to spot quite a lot of the FW stuff though...

Annoyingly said blank card also starts the countdown for the Free World forces rigging the bridge to blow, so it's a race against time for the VC to get across the river and off the table.


A bunch of FW about to get captured (I am instructed to apologies for the unpainted VC. To spare blushes I won't let on whose figures they are.).

Not so much, as they say. Once the Blinds started appearing, we basically drove a bunch of Dummies up the right with the aim of keeping two of Pippa's three sections busy while the real force pushed up to the bridge.

Given a few more turns (which obviously we didn't have) we might have got somewhere, as the FW unit protecting the bridge got first pinned in an exchange of fire and then ripped to bits and captured by a Human Wave attack. Had we had another unit to capitalise on that we might have managed it.

There should have been an earsplitting KABOOM. In fact, a turn later, there was :(

My first serious game of CDS, and I'm definitely liking it. There are enough similarities with IABSM not to completely rot my brain, but it's different enough to be entertaining.

Mike Whitaker