These are the pictures from a game that Mark and I played one Thursday night back in November 2010. It used IABSM/CDS to fight a battle between an IDF convoy re-tasked to locate a downed pilot and Syrian militia.

Looking over the expanded town. We have to remember to remove the beer bottle next time!

The remains of a Syrian tank taken out by the IAF greet the IDF.

Here is the column working its way into town.

Here we see a command M113 with an officer directed the column to a new objective. Finding an IAF pilot.

Here the led Magach is taken out by fire from this building. Fire came from all four floors. There were four RPG shoots and a recoilless rifle.

Unfortunately (for my militia) the IDF cleared the building floor by floor. While the IDF lost an entire tank crew, the infantry was able to clear the entire building with only losing three soldiers. The militia was less luckily, losing sixteen men, one of which was their Big Man.

While the IDF did recover the pilot (working on a figure for that) the losses were heavy.

Jon Yuengling