My Aphid army comes from five different manufacturers. 

Inspiration and the core of the army comes from ZombieSmith, who produce the infantry and grav bike packs. These are okay figures, but lack any variation: there is only one "trooper" figure, one "command" figure, and one "light support weapon" figure. There are, however, light mortar teams and troopers mounted on grav bikes (the cavalry): giving this sci-fi army a good roster of available troops, even if all the troops look the same!

This left the Aphids short on support, so I hunted around and found the unusual egg-shaped powered armour from Battlestations. Although pricey to buy from the UK, I love the way they look. The Duckbill APCs come from Battlefront's Vietnam range. They are actually BTR-50P PKs, and were bought mainly because of the 40% off sale! Still it does mean that one platoon of Aphid infantry (plus the Big Man and mortars) are not mechanised.

Then I saw that Team Frog produce a range of 15mm frog troopers, so they became the elite scouts, even if it did take the Frog God, as he calls himself, eight months to send them to me! In the interests of fairness, however, he did send me a free pack of 15mm Ratmen as compensation.

The Flycatcher grav tanks are from Blue Moon Manufacturing, ordered in the UK via special order from Old Glory. Very efficient service, so highly recommended. Only problem was the skulls on top of the fuselage between the "eye turbines", but a bit of green stuff soon sorted that.

Finally,  the Aphid badly needed some air power. I have decided that their air assets are a bit more advanced than their ground troops: they have bought in better technology than they have invented themselves. The Aphids have two types of aircraft: Lilypad-class single-Aphid fighters; and Tadpole-class two-seater bombers. Both models are from Spartan Games' sci-fi fleet battle game.

Command & Specialists

Core Troops

Support Troops

Armour & Flyers