A galactic empire of aquatic sentients, the Pelagic Dominate is led by inscrutable hyper-intelligent invertebrates, the Cnidarians, who seem obsessed with destroying all sentient terrestrial life in the galaxy and hydro-farming their planets. The Cnidarians are the overlords of this empire but there are many species of aquatic sentients in the Dominate, such as its rank and file warriors, the Karkarines.

The Dominate takes extremely advanced vehicle technology to war, employing for instance the "Man of War" heavy anti-grav combat platform. These vehicles serve equally well as flyers in space or planetary atmosphere, or at nape of earth as powerful hovertanks.

This is an excellent range of figures from Khurasan Miniatures that paint up beautifully. My current Pelagic Dominate force consists of the following:

  • Company HQ
    • 1 x Cnidarian Big Man
  • 1st (Karkarine) Platoon
    • 1 x Cnidarian Big Man
    • 3 x Karkarine Squad (each 8 Karks)
    • 3 x Karkwagon APC
  • 2nd (Myzontid Ranger) Platoon
    • 1 x Cnidarian Big Man
    • 2 x Myzontid Ranger Snipers
    • 3 x Myzontid Ranger Squad (each 8 Myzontids)
  • 3rd (Orca Assault) Platoon
    • 1 x Cnidarian Big Man
    • 2 x Orca Assault Squad (each 8 Orca)
  • 4th (Tank) Platoon
    • 1 x Cnidarian Big Man
    • 3 x Man O'War AFV
  • 5th (Artillery) Platoon
    • 1 x FOO in Sea Wasp
    • 2 x Man O'War SP Artillery
  • 6th (Recon) Platoon
    • 2 x Sea Wasp AFV
  • 7th (Bio-weapons) Platoon
    • 3 x Parasachnid Squad (each 8 Parasachnids)
    • 1 x Ogre Beetle
    • 7 x Drop Pods

Company HQ & Support

Core Troops

Support Troops