ZombieSmith's Quar are a beautifully realised alien race stuck in almost permanent civil war. Quar can be thought of as how anteaters might have looked if they had developed into humanoids:  biped, average height 1.5m, with a long proboscis-like snout. Technology-wise, the Quar are approximately equivalent to the early 20th Century.

Most Quar live on their world's largest landmass, Alwyd, which is divided into individual states. The reforming Crusaders control nearly all the states of Alwyd, with the traditionalist Royalist states defending their last bastions against constant attack. Again a poor analogy, but one could equate the Quar to early 20th century Russia: with the Crusaders as the Communists and the Royalists as the Tsarists. 

Current information, below, relates to the Crusader campaign to subdue the Royalist state of Coftyr.

Figures-wise, the Quar are produced in both 28mm and 15mm. The 28mm figures are exquisite in their detail and realisation. The 15mm range is small but growing fast. Highly recommended. 

Crusaders:  Elements of 55th Guards Brigade & Attachments

1st Company, 2nd Battalion, 55th Crusader Guard

Support Troops

Attached Armour

Coftyrans: Elements of 3rd Crymuster

1st Company, 1212th Freywilgh

Kryster: 7th Sandstalkers, G and H Companies