Jonathan Philp suggests that Etruscans should have the option to field a number of better quality troops:

"infantry are classed as levy but the Etruscan Infantry included the city elites who were equipped as early hoplites, plus the Etrusco-Roman army of the 6th century are said to have had the majority of its 1st class troops ( Vet HI ) being of Etruscan decent ( see Peter Connolly - Greece & Rome at war etc).  Perhaps a formal option to upgrade part of the infantry force to the same  level as  Roman 1st class troops should be allowed.  After all it was a lack of manpower not class that told against the Etruscans."

Therefore the Etruscans are now allowed an additional Special Troops base:

No Base Type Ord Exp Wgt Str Weapons Pts
0-1 City Elite CO Vet HI 14 HS, SH 36