Paul Marsh, aka Other Paul,  has suggested amendments for the Galatian list based on the following: 

  1. Cavalry was, like most Gallic cultures, numerous and composed of the tribal nobility as were the charioteers.  Like the Spanish and Germans, Galatian cavalry often had runners operating with them but this should be limited to 1 in 3 cavalry bases as Galatians were notoriously short of skirmishers. 

  2. Gallic fanatics disdained the use of armour and hence any Gallic troops up-armoured, in all lists, should lose Elite gradings as here. 

  3. By the time of the late first century BC and the advent of Imitation Legionaries Galatian fanaticism was long dead along with the use of chariots. So, any army fielding Legionaries cannot field Elite Warriors or any type of chariot. All other options/exclusions still apply.

The appropriate lines of the list should therefore now read as follows:

No Base Type Ord Exp Wgt Str Weapons Pts
1-3 Noble Cavalry OO Vet MC 13 LS, SH 30
0-2 Chariots 2H Vet Lgt 9 UD, 1+LS 22
Special Troops
0-1 Bodyguard CO Vet HI 12 LS, SH 32
  • Up to 1/3 of Noble Cavalry bases may have a runner added (+1 STR) at a cost of +2 points per base.

  • Any Galatian army fielding Imitation Legionaries may not upgrade Warriors to Elite not field any chariots.