Paul Caspall (Russcat) points out that German cavalry were often accompanied by specific detachments of light infantry.  Although this can be simulated in the rules by giving a Skirmishers base Guard orders on a Noble Cavalry base, Paul suggests that it might be better to give the cavalry base Runners in the same way that a chariot base can be given Runners. 

He also points out that using Chatti as a general catch-all for elite tribesmen and bodyguard units is perhaps not correct, and that the list should allow for Veteran tribesmen as well.

The appropriate lines in the list should now read as follows:

No Base Type Ord Exp Wgt Str Weapons Pts
1 Noble Cavalry OO Vet MC 13 LS, SH 30
3-8 Warriors OO Avg MI 10 ½HS, ½LS, SH 24
Special Troops
0-6 Chatti or similar OO Elt MI 14 ½HS, ½LS, SH 32
  • Officers as Heavy Cavalry or Infantry.
  • The front rank of the cavalry may be upgraded to Heavy at a cost of +2 points per base.
  • Any Noble Cavalry base may be given a light infantry runner armed with LS at a cost of +2 points per base (+1 Strength).
  • Up to half the Warriors bases fielded may be upgraded to Veteran at a cost of +4 points per base (+2 Strength).