Battle Report: 11th March 1997

Crimean British ~vs~ Crimean French

(Robert Avery ~vs~ Nog Norgren) .

Crimean British



Fig.'s Org. Class Weapons Pts/Fig Points
. CinC


. .. .   100
Infantry Grenadier Guards 40 10x4 RegA mlr (2 co's LI)   588
Brigade Berkshire Regt 40 10x4 RegB mlr (2 co's LI)   508
  Middlesex Regt 40 10x4 RegB mlr (2 co's LI)   508
  Rifles 8 2x4 LightsA mlr   124
Cavalry 11th Hussars 10 2x5 RegA s   180
Brigade 17th Lancers 10 2x5 RegA s, l   190
  Heavy Dragoons 10 2x5 RegA s, mlc   190
Artillery Rocket Battery 1 1x1 RegA rocket launcher   98



Crimean French















Infantry 1st Bttn 36 6x6 RegC mlr   384
Brigade 2nd Bttn 36 6x6 RegC mlr   384
  3rd Bttn 36 6x6 RegC mlr   384
  Zouaves 36 6x6 LightsB mlr   492
Cavalry Guides 12 2x6 RegA s, p   224
Brigade Cuirassiers 12 2x6 RegB s, armour   200
  Lancers 12 2x6 RegB s, l   200
Artillery Battery A 1 1x1 RegB light mlsb FA   83
. Crimean British Crimean French
Foot 2560 2880
Horse 600 720
Guns 2 2


Tensions mounted between the allies as the Crimean winter deepened: not helped by Lord Raglan’s continued references to the French as the enemy. Finally, with a foraging force on both sides discovering a village with food, the men could take no more, and battle was joined.

Both sides advanced strongly: but with the British attempting to envelope the French by having a longer line. The British rocket battery disrupted the French advance by disordering the 1ere and 2ieme Ligne so, in order to avoid allowing the British troops to get into position as he was re-ordering his troops, the French CinC ordered the 3ieme Ligne to charge.

Quickly the British Guards snapped into line: managing to prevent the 3ieme coming to impact, but not routing them. The 3ieme punished the Guards at point blank range with devastating fire, causing them to go shaken.

Looking to capitalise on this situation, the French commander launched his entire cavalry brigade against the Guards. Fortunately for the British, the Middlesex regiment had formed line and managed, with the help of the Guards, to halt the cavalry: sending most of them off the field.

Now it was the turn of the British commander to throw away his cavalry. Thinking that the French were now weakened, he sent in the Heavies and the Lancers against the 1ere Ligne. Forward the cavalry charged, but the French fire wiped out both squadrons of Heavies and a squadron of Lancers.

The French CinC knew that soon the British line would re-organise and begin advancing: remorselessly, towards his battered troops. Taking the lead, he led the Zouaves in a charge against the Berkshire regiment, now forming up against a hedge surrounding a Russian village. Forward he led his men, but their charge was halted.

With the French cavalry off the field, his infantry battered and bruised, and the British advancing, the French Commander capitulated. 



The British lost 320 horse and 380 infantry. 

The French lost 160 horse and 420 infantry.


A win for the British.