A small game set on the Eastern Front:  Soviets versus Germans.

Hardly had the game begun when both sides advanced rapidly forward in to firing range and began to take casualties.

The Germans, more motorised than their opponents, are able to act more strategically: taking advantage of the hills and forests, and using their armour to cover the advance of their infantry.

The German tanks opened fire on the Soviet armour without stopping to think about it.

But the Russians, not being in the business of pulling back (it is what the commissars to the rear are for), advance using their KO'd armor as cover.

The Soviets go through the woods.

The artillery deployed strategically.

On this occasion, the Germans are a little less aggressive:  all their troops take cover.

With their forward observers in the best position possible.

Soon the tables are turned, and it's the German armour that are taking hits.

Although they want to conserve their troops, they are here to fight and win the battle...which is why, in the end, the Germans decide to advance.

Which is what the Soviets have been doing since the battle began. 

So the gap between the two front lines is shrinking.

And in the end, close combat becomes inevitable.

Because of their excessive caution, the Germans are in a worse position than the Soviets, and are soon getting the worst of it.

In the end, as always happens to us, the game ends in a draw as time has beaten us, and we have to clear things away.

A great afternoon among friends with lots of laughs and fun.

Burt Minorrot.