Played scenario 10 from the All American 82nd Airborne scenario pack tonight at the SLW club. My Germans took on Ian’s farm boys and tried a double envelopment. Ian was a clever so and so, allowing me to observe certain areas then, once I thought them clear, move up to them. I walked into these and many a tear was wept back in Dusseldorf after the casualty list came in.


My armour could not hit a barn door (rolled a '1' on almost every HE round I fired). The FOO did a great job calling in support, but the Tea Break card kept turning up before any of my support cards! I did have some luck with the second flank attack and actually reached the village, only for a platoon of reinforcements to arrive!

A very good game and will try it again in two weeks, but I will umpire this time.

Here are some photos.

Desmondo Darkin