Played our IABSM dice-driven variant tonight, pitching 1943/44 Soviets vs Germans.

Both sides fielded a company of infantry and then chose from support lists up to a points value shamelessly copied from CoC. The Soviets picked two units of tank troops (BT-7s and T-34s) and a medium mortar battery; while the Germans picked a Panzer IV troop, an FOO; a Stummel infantry support vehicle, and loaded up on the panzerfausts.

We tried out a new rule that limited the number of times a unit could be activated. It was partially successful, but the jury is still out.

It was good to get back into gaming after the Summer break, and the cold beers helped the evening roll along nicely.

The game ended after some bloody exchanges, and both sides lost significant numbers of infantry, the Germans though knocked out all the BT7s, but still had to engage the T34’s.

Cheers to Iain Fuller, BartMan and Philip Andrews.

Desmondo Darkin