Inspired by issue 184 of After the Battle magazine, I decided to do a late war game based on actions in one of the Oder Bridgeheads in February 1945. It allowed me to try some loaded-for-bear SS foot units, and was a change of pace from the Normandy kick I was on.

The Soviet 49th Guards Tank Brigade (with T34/85s) drove the SS Fallschirmjaegers out of Grabow on Feb 5. But then the Kampfgruppe Schwedt defenders received reinforcements: two batteries of Sturmgeschutz-Brigade 210 and Fallschirm-PanzerJaeger-Bataillion 54. So, along with units already in the bridgehead (SS Jagdverband Mitte, SS Fallschirmjaeger Btn 600 and the snipers of SS Scharfschutzen-Zug) the Germans counterattacked on Feb 7

Final German casualties are two dead StuGs, and nine of the Fallschirmjaeger Panzerjagd down. Sheridan lost seven of his Jagdverband men and one MMG team.

I lost one M4 and forty-five men, two MMG teams, two platoon leaders and the Company CO. No point in the tanks hanging out here anymore. The war is going to be over soon.

Mark Luther