The stage is now set for tonight’s game using TFL rules ‘I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum’. the last stand of the Searchlights at Les Attaques, Calais 24 May 1940.

A scenario from the Defence of Calais scenario pack which supports the rules. It is set on the 23rd of May 1940 as the BEF retreats back to the coastal ports, fighting a rearguard action all of the way.

This is the advance of the forward units of 1st Panzer Division and their encounter with a scratch force of C troop, 1st Searchlight Regiment troops at the village of Les Attaques on the Canal de Calais.

David versus Goliath?

Well, goodness, what a game. Germans very cautious indeed. The myths of Blitzkrieg, eh?

Three German tanks disabled, two more abandoned and just one on its way to Calais!
The British fought every inch of the way.

Excellent scenario though and made a great storyboard to an actual historical event.

The first photo of the game (below) is very reminiscent of those pictures of the time full of damaged and abandoned vehicles.

Here are some more shots of the terrain:

Games 2 & 3

This scenario is additive!

Returned to play it twice more. Dale and Barry this time, with a swop over at half time. Some excellent gaming and some brilliant results using IABSM rules from TFL.

Getting ready to run it again tonight with two more teams.

Here are a few more action pics from games two and three:

Tim Whitworth