The Company represents one of the many small forces tasked with keeping the Germans from the corridor through which the main bulk of the British Expeditionary Force is retreating towards Dunkirk. It has already seen action, suffering some casualties, and has picked up all sorts of odds and sods on the way.

Core Troops

Company HQ

2nd Platoon

1st Platoon

3rd Platoon

Battalion Support

Mortar Platoon

AA Platoon

Carrier Platoon

Pioneer Section

Brigade Support

Anti-Tank Platoon (25mm guns)

Divisional Support

Machine Gun Platoon

Pioneer Platoon (remnants)

Artillery Troop (18 pdr guns)

Anti-Tank Platoon (2 pdr guns)

Artillery Troop (18/25 pdr guns)(remnants)

Artillery Troop (4.5” Howitzers)

Reconnaissance Assets

Armoured Car Troop from 12th Lancers (Morris CS9)

Dvisional Cavalry Troop (Vickers Mk VI B light tanks)

Dvisional Cavalry Troop (Vickers Mk VI B light tanks)

Support from 5th Royal Tank Regiment

Scout Troop (Dingo Scout Car)(remnants)

Regimental HQ (A10 & A9 Cruisers)

Tank Troop (A13 Cruisers)

Other Support

Infantry Tank Troop 4RTR (Matilda I)

AA Guns & Morris AA Tractors

Infantry Tank Troop 7RTR (Matilda II)(Remnants)

Various Divisional Assets