Micropanzer have some really innovative ranges of 15mm sci-fi figures. My favourite are the Gitungi: heavily armoured bipeds reminiscent of the aliens from The Fifth Element or even the Sontarans from Doctor Who. The Gitungi range is has recently been expanded to include new infantry types and a whole range of support weapons,  but is still lacking in anything that could be called an APC or AFV. The Superheavy Tanks, below, come from Khurasan; the Superheavy artillery and anti-aircraft vehicles come from Daemonscape; and the Anti-Aircraft vehicle comes from GZG. The large powered armour troops come from Hasslefree from their line of Grymm Powered Armour types.

Bored of painting troops, even alien troops, in normal colours, for the Gitungi I have gone with something quite extreme. My Gitungi are painted in three shades of gold (paints from Games Workshop) with the Scouts then washed with a light green wash. 

My current Gitungi force consists of the following:

Company Command

  • Big Man
  • Shuttle
  • Attached Specialists (3 x EWSO Specialist, 2 x Repair Drone)
  • Attached Medics (3 x DNA Recovery Drones)
  • Attached Molemine Specialist (1 x Specialist, 8 x Molemines)

1st Platoon

  • Big Man
  • 3 x Gitungi Infantry Squad (8 men each)

2nd Platoon

  • Big Man
  • 3 x Gitungi Infantry Squad (8 men each)

3rd Platoon

  • 2 x Big Man
  • 2 x Gitungi Veteran Infantry Squad (8 men each)
  • 1 x Anti-Tank Squad (3 x Anti-Tank Guns)

Scout Platoon (Recon, Battlefield Insertion)

  • Big Man
  • 2 x Gitungi Scout Platoon (6 men each)
  • 2 x Gitungi Scout Platoon with Jetpacks (6 men each)

Armoured Infantry Platoon

  • Big Man
  • 2 x Gitungi Heavy Infantry Squad (8 men each: 6 in powered armour, 2 in armoured battlesuit)

Sluog Rider Platoon

  • Big Man on Sluog
  • 1 x Sluog Knight Squad (8 men on Sluogs)
  • 1 x Sluog Rider Squad (8 men on Sluogs)

Machine Gun Drone Squad

  • Specialist Drone Operator
  • 2 x MMG Drone
  • 2 x HMG Drone

Missile Launcher Drone Squad

  • Specialist Drone Operator
  • 3 x Missile Launcher Drone

Attack Drone Squad

  • Specialist Drone Operator
  • 4 x Attack Drone

SuperHeavy Tank Squad

  • Big Man
  • 3 x SuperHeavy Tanks

SuperHeavy Artillery Squad

  • 2 x SP SuperHeavy "Dustbins of Death" Artillery Pieces

Anti-Aircraft Squad

  • 1 x SP Heavy Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
  • 1 x SP SuperHeavy Anti-Aircraft Vehicle

Company HQ & Specialists

Core Troops

Support Troops

Sluog Riders