Mad Robot's Harook are six foot tall bird-men. They are a lovely range of figures, full of character, and with some very nice touches such as the obviously-designed-for-Harook guns. The only problem, really, is that they have very thin ankles, and you have to be very careful not to continually bend the figures this way or that!

Joining the above are Khurasan's Hauk. This is also a lovely range that paints up really well. The 'wings' and the fact that they come with grav transports suggests that they should be the air mobile wing (pun intended!) of the Harook ground forces, and so that's what I have made them. Highly recommended.

Top Gun Marketing's grav tanks are also a superb range, large numbers of which I have had languishing in the painting pile until they found a home. Well, now they have: as the famed egg-tanks (or grav platforms) of the Harook.

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