This is my preferred "bug" army: a combination of the Highlander Studios space bugs, Khurasan's Stikks, and a few other insectoid bits and pieces.

The lifecycle of the Hive begins with an egg, laid by a Queen. From the egg hatches a larvae that gradually grows by shedding its carapace until it is the size of an adult. One last shed, and the larvae becomes an adult.

Technology-wise, the Hive use a mix of mechanical machines (such as most of their handheld weaponery) and specifically bred bio-mechanical machines (their heavier weapons, all their vehicles).

The Adult Bugs are from Highlander Studio's Space Bug range; the Larval Bugs and Assault Crabs are from Khurasan Miniatures' Stikk (Entomal) range; and the various bio-weapons are from Pendraken's 10mm range (the Crawlers and Tripods) and Khurasan Miniatures Stikk (Entomal) range again (the Skuttlers and Gunships).

For completeness, I have now also added Spriggan Miniatures' Spug contingent to the page. Infantry, support weapons and jetbikes from Spriggan Miniatures; drones from Spartan Games; and the multi legged vehicles from GZG.

Company HQ & Specialists

Adult Space Bugs

Larval Space Bugs


Spug Troops