As Khurasan currently only produce infantry, I decided that the fact that the Vornid were pirates meant that any support weapons would have been stolen or otherwise 'acquired' from black market sources. Combine this with Khurasan's excellent mushroom men Fungi range as crew, and you have some fine looking models! The support weapons and drones are from GZG.

Update:  Hydra Miniatures' rather lovely Slishians provide some very nice Big Men and heavy gunners for the Vornids. Over seven foot of malevolent vegetable...I like to think they are responsible for leading the usually placid Vornid astray!

Update 2:  I've finally found the perfect range to use as vehicles for the Vornid: Ravenstar's Horrid range. These are a collection of gross, armoured, multi-pede creatures with guns that emerge from their backs; horrendous, gas-filled, airbag-type balloon things; and a few miscellaneous, man-sized monsters! With the addition of the Horrids, the Vornid can now field a combined-arms force worthy of the tabletop.