It's funny what inspires you to collect an army. I'd always liked Ground Zero Games' Xar figures, but never got around to ordering any. Then Ralph Plowman submitted some Xar to the TFL Painting Challenge...and that was enough to get me buying! 

To quote from the GZG website: The Xar - often known to human troops as "Chitters" from the rapid clicks and chirps of their speech - are an eight-limbed exoskeletal insectoid race, with six walking limbs ending in three-clawed feet and an upright torso with two manipulating arms.

My Xar augment their force with attack drones and flying saucers, also from GZG, and buy their vehicles from Critical Mass' Kaamados Dominion range: they are the only ones the odd-shaped Xar will fit in!

My current Xar force consists of the following:

Company HQ

  • Big Man
  • 2 x EWSO Specialist
  • 1 x FOO Specialist

1st Platoon

  • Big Man
  • 3 x Infantry Squad (each 9 Xar)

2nd Platoon

  • Big Man
  • 3 x Infantry Squad (each 9 Xar)


  • 1 x Engineer Squad (9 Xar)

Attack Drone Platoon

  • Drone Operator Specialist
  • 2 x Attack Drone

Projectile Launcher Platoon

  • 1 x FOO Specialist
  • 3 x Projectile Launcher Team (each 3 Xar)

Heavy Beam Weapon Platoon

  • 3 x Heavy Beam Weapon Team (each 3 Xar)

Armoured Car Platoon

  • Big Man
  • 2 x Gekotaa Armoured Cars/Gun
  • 1 x Gekotaa Armoured Car/Scanner
  • 1 x FOO

Heavy Tank Platoon

  • Big Man
  • 3 x Dragamaa Heavy Tank

Flying Saucer Platoon

  • Big Man
  • 9 x Xar on Flying Saucers

Command & Specialists

Core Troops

Support Troops

Armoured Support