Amendment - The Spartans

Paul Marsh, aka Other Paul,  has suggested an expansion of the Spartan list that reflects declining Spartan manpower.   He has reduced their numbers and made it possible to field a Spartan army without any actual Spartans in it, as some Spartan armies of the period were Spartan led but little else.  He has also adopted nomenclature adapted from Gates of Fire:  most apt!

The list for the "Spartans" section of the main list should now read as follows:

No Base Type Ord Exp Wgt Str Weapons Pts
0-6 Peers CO Elt MI 16 HS, SH 36
0-4 Perioikoi CO Vet MI 14 HS, SH 32
1-3 Horse CO Lvy MC 11 LS, SH 26
0-1 Cretans CO Avg MI 12 BO 26
0-1 Knights CO Elt HI 16 HS, SH 40
  • Thracians and Paphlagonians may be fielded not as allies but under Spartan command.  Only one or the other may be fielded.

  • Knights should not be fielded unless one base of Peers is fielded and the most senior officer is a General.