• Amendment

    Greg Pugh points out that the extra bases allowed for the Seleucid army does not allow Argyraspids to be armed and armoured as Romans.  

    Paul Marsh points out that there should be two bases of Argyraspids allowed:  early armies should have both as Pike, later armies could have one Pike and one "Romanised".  

    The appropriate part of the lists should now read:

    No Base Type Ord Exp Wgt Str Weapons Pts
    0-2 Argyraspids CO Elt MI 16 PI, SH 36
    0-1 Roman Argyraspids CO Vet HI 14 HW, SH 36
    • Only two bases of Argyraspids may be fielded.  Early armies may field up to two pike-armed bases.  Later armies may field on pike-armed and one Roman-armed base.
    Further Amendments

    Paul Marsh has now further developed his thoughts on the Seleucid list.  To his mind, the Seleucids should be divided into an Early and a Late period, with the force ratios adjusted as follows:

    Base Type Early Late
    Other Cavalry 1 1
    Skythians 0-1 0-1
    Tarantines 0-1 0-1
    Phalangites 1-4 1-4
    Asiatic Lights 1 1
    Mercenary Archers 0-1 0-1
    Peltasts 1 1
    Cyrtii 0-1 0-1
    Elephants 0-1 0-1
    Special Troops
    Argyraspids 1 per 2 Phalangites 1
    Companions 1 per 3 Other Cavalry 1 per 3 Other Cavalry
    Agema 1 per 3 Other Cavalry 1 per 3 Other Cavalry
    Scythed Chariots 0-1 0-1
    Roman Argyraspids 0 1
    Artillery 0 0-1
    • Agema and Other Cavalry should be EHC in the Later period.