New 15mm WW2 Manufacturer: Waugh Games

Waugh Games, a wargaming retailer/online shop based in Teeside, is now producing its own range of resin 15mm WW1 and WW2 vehicles.

At the moment all that is available is a handful of German vehicles, but they look good to me and are very competitively priced.

The vehicles are in resin, with integral bases (which won't please everyone, but that I quite like) and metal turrets/gun barrels.

Currently listed in their store are:

  • Tiger I
  • Panther
  • King Tiger
  • Jagdpanther
  • Panzer LV70
  • SdKfz 250/1
  • Opel Maultier

And at the moment they are running a series of promotions that make the models even more affordable.

They need some good pics to really sell the models, but here's the Opel Maultier: 

Now I need some Maultiers for my Gebirgsjaegers, so I'm going to buy some (probably the three for £7.50 offer...very good value) despite the fact that although, as I said, I like cast-on bases, the base shown above is VERY big and, if you look carefully, there do seem to be lots of bubble-holes in the paneling on the main body of the truck. Or maybe they are supposed to be, or will look like, bullet holes. We shall see!

Dux Britanniarum, An October Deal

I usually keep my posts on here to either my own wargaming stuff or something about one of the TFL company-sized games (IABSM, CDS etc). Today, however, I'm happy to pass on news about a sale involving one of the TFL skirmish-level games, Dux Britanniarum. I'll let Big Rich tell you all...

With the Dark nights creeping in and the inclination to spend the evening sat before a warming fire, what better time could there be than to reach for a copy of Dux Britanniarum, our Dark Age rules, and summon up tales of valour and heroism as told in the halls of Arthurian Britain?  Indeed, what better incentive than a magical twenty percent off the Dux Britanniarum rules and the Raiders rules supplement throughout the month of October.  Even Merlin would be impressed!

So what is Dux Britanniarum all about?  The main rules focus on the British defence of their island in the face of a Germanic invasion by the Saxons, Angles and Jutes.  Choose the region of Britain over which you want to fight and enjoy the campaign system which allows you to conquer lands, amass experience, gain additional supporters and build fortifications and other enhancements to allow you to hold on the your kingdom.  Typically a campaign begins with a Saxon force of around forty five models raiding from the Sea before attempting to win land and settle.  Meanwhile the British player will attempt to keep the invaders at bay and hold on to his lands.

The Raiders supplement allows you to introduce three new factions, the Picts, the Scotti and the Irish and extend your campaigning to the northern lands above the wall and the island of Ireland to the West, both of which stood unconquered by the Romans and have very different cultures which are represented in the rules.

Normally £25.00, Dux Britanniarum bundle of the main rules and card deck are just £20.00 during October, whereas The Raiders expansion set with book and card is now £14.40 rather than the usual £18.00.  The Double Dux bundle, with both sets of books and cards is now just £32.00.  Now is the time to go forth and conquer with Dux Britanniarum.

You can order the above by clicking here.

TFL Painting Challenge: Monday Night Update

Some very nice submissions this week. In no particular order, we have:

  • Keith Davies with some 20mm figures for CoC
  • Mervyn Douglas gets some Afghans in 
  • Steve Burt finishes off his Napoleonics
  • Koen sends in a host of Desert Rats and DAK
  • Kev pops in another twenty Gladiators
  • Mr Ralls posts from sunny Devon with some 15mm armour and some bigger zombies
  • Stephen Miller make a welcome return with some exquisitely painted figures
  • and Sapper submits his new 10thC Western Turk army

A couple of pictures from Mr Miller:

Renaissance Gun Emplacement for French Italian Wars

Renaissance Gun Emplacement for French Italian Wars

Warlord 28mm 88mm AT "behind cover"

Warlord 28mm 88mm AT "behind cover"

And the next submission will be mine: a host of Egyptian Army T-55s for my Six Day War project...once I've finished basing them!

"Dwarves in Space" and Related

I've added a new figure manufacturer to the list of companies that make 15mm sci-fi miniatures: Cactus Games.

They have a line of what they call Gruntlings that includes troopers in armour, and troopers in ornate powered armour.

At the same time, I note that ClearHorizon have just launched a range of what they call High Gravity Mercenaries. These come just as a single mercenary squad of eight, but are wonderfully full of character.

Both of the above are obviously space dwarves, dwarves in space, squats, whatever you want to call I have updated the Dwarves in Space army list as well by adding stats for Gruntlngs and the Mercs, and standardising the overall squad sizes slightly.

All I have to do now is paint them all: five platoon's worth of infantry, and a couple of squads of vehicles!

TFL Painting Challenge: A Tuesday Update

Evening all. 

So here's this week's post-weekend update:

  • Matt Slade adds to his already incredible total with loads more 28mm figures. How does he do it?
  • Mr Davies bangs in a ton of 6mm vehicles
  • Leif adds a lovely DAK Panzer IV in 28mm
  • Kev moves away from his usual scale and period with some 28mm Gladiators...and a bridge
  • Mr 'Hat' Bowler adds to his impressive collection of WOTR Perry figures with another two batches of thirty each, and adds a couple of 1/285th ships as well
  • Paul Baldwin has some nice Greeks and Undead, along with a couple of houses
  • and Mr Luther takes a break from extending his AAR lead over me with eleven more 1/285 vehicles

Today's pics are from Leif, his Panzer; and from Matt, his Ancient Britons; and from Kev, his Gladiators:

Leif's Panzer IV

Leif's Panzer IV

Matt's Ancient Brits

Matt's Ancient Brits

Kev's Gladiators

Kev's Gladiators

As for me, I've now dived into my Six Day War project and am busy building and painting T-55s...lots of T-55s. Must hit the 1,000 points total this year!

Flakpanzer I Ausf. A from Minairons

I'd been wanting to add Minairons' 15mm Flakpanzer Is to my early war German army for some time, but had been put off by the cost: £17.25 for a box of two makes for just over £8.60 per model, and they are mostly plastic. Must be something to do with the import from Europe, but that makes them even more expensive even than Battlefront! 

Anyhow, a Plastic Soldier Company sale gave me the excuse I needed to get them, so get a box I did.

The models go together pretty easily, although I did have a problem with bent gun barrels. They arrived a bit bent, and must have been battered during the construction process somehow, as one barrel needed gluing to keep it from falling apart, and the other took ages to get properly straight.

The crew figures that you get with these models are nice, but pretty damn tall. The chap standing up leaning forward slightly, must be at least 6' 9" tall; and the kneeling guy is as tall as a standing infantryman from most other manufacturers.

Here they are painted up. In summary: nice models, but crew very tall, and very expensive for what they are.

TFL Painting Challenge: the Post SanFran Update

Quite a few entries submitted whilst I was across the Pond in SF.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Kev with some lovely WOTR command types and a new resin fence
  • Mr Treadhead submits some more Taliban: lovely figures as always
  • Steve Burt fires in a few more Napoleonics: a British rocket team (did you see what I did there?)
  • Mr Plowman adds some more rather spiffing sci-fi terrain objects
  • Mervyn D finishes his US collection, and immediately starts on the Germans
  • Dave Humm adds some Biblicals, some Germans and some halflings. Generously I didn't award half points for the halflings...
  • Chris Gilbride with some colonials...and a little story, told below
  • Mr Helliwell with some more AWI troops and some German mortars in 15mm
  • Leif enters some Star Wars figures in 28mm
  • And Mr Naylor, whose entry arrived just as I was writing this post, scrapes across the line for this update with some Germans...which apparently take longer to paint that Soviets.

Before the usual pictures, we have a little story from Chris Gilbride about the troops he had been painting. I'm sure we've all had similar:

Last year I found and finished some long lost Dervishes. Well now I've found and finished the ones to fight them. These were probably started 14+ years ago and only needed basing and a couple needed rifles gluing on. Easy points I thought. I then discovered that the uniform colour was wrong, they had a more WW2 khaki brown colour and the webbing was a sandy brown. Bugger. Re-paint the uniform and the webbing, stuck them on bases and then added the quick shade. They were looking good, now for the varnishing.

It was during the varnishing that the table tipped over dumping all 23 onto the concrete floor. Those that survived the impact ended up covered in ... bits of stuff. Did you ever think that maybe some figures are just not meant to be painted and finished?

Not bad, Chris: 14 years to finish a unit!

Right, today's pictures are from Kev and, of course, of Chris' British troops, bits or not!

How lovely are these?

How lovely are these?

"Fourteen years I waited to get into the action: fourteen long years!"

"Fourteen years I waited to get into the action: fourteen long years!"

AAR: A Game of IABSM

Hello All!

Well I'm back from San Francisco and feeling somewhat jet-lagged. Even flying business class, eleven hours there, three days of conference (including entertaining, which also included a great concert from the Killers and Foo Fighters: the former being particularly good) and then ten hours back is a lot to take. 

The obligatory shot of the Golden Gate bridge

And one of the Bay Bridge at night


I managed, however, to stay awake long enough today to watch Japan beat South Africa at rugby: an unbelievable result that came from an incredible performance from the Japanese team. To give you an idea of their guts, with one minute to go they were three points behind and were awarded a penalty on the Springboks' five yard line: three times they made the decision to go for the try rather than the safer kick-to-draw option. 

Which nicely sets us up for today's IABSM battle report: a pick-up game from Charles Eckart which comes with no pictures but some great story-telling. Click here to see the AAR.

CDS: Vietnamese Villagers

A short time ago, I posted pictures of the sampans that I'd painted from the Battlefront NVA Local Resistance boxed set.

I bought the box really to get the sampans, but they came with twelve Vietnamese villager figures that I thought I might as well paint up as well.

These are actually really nice figures: they have a certain animation that not only makes them a pleasure to paint but that look good on the tabletop too. One teeny-weeny word of caution: they are quite delicately built, these Vietnamese types, so the figures can be bent at the ankle very easily. It's not a problem, I hasten to add, but they are slightly less robust than a standard Battlefront mannikin, and I'd hate anyone to break one accidentally.

Here they are:

I really like the chaps in the paddy field (on the left, up to their ankles); the cahps holding the bundles of vegetation up front, centre; and the two women carrying babies/small children.

A nice set that will certainly help 'dress' the battlefield...or represent VC in disguise of course.

Q13: Gitungi Get Re-Inforced

Micropanzer's Gitungi are one of my favourite alien races for Q13. 

They have a very distinctive look to them; they include a good range of models; and some of those models are very definitely alien and/or demonstrative of an alien technology.

One thing they lack, however, are decent vehicles, so I have been forced to improvise from other ranges. My Gitungi already have Khurasan's superheavy tanks and a grav AA vehicle from GZG at their disposal; these are now joined by some suitably Gitungi-looking SP artillery and AA guns from Daemonscape.

Daemonscape, if you remember, are the company that produced that big spaceship I painted up last month. I was checking the url for that blog post when I noticed they had released some 15mm armoured vehicles. A quick visit to the relevant page on their site, and I knew I had to have the ones with the dustbins as guns, and the ones with the unfeasible array of AA guns, immediately.

Once ordered, the question became which of my sci-fi armies would they suit. The answer: the Gitungi.  

The models are nicely cast, and I like the way the same base chassis is used for different gun configurations: very panzer! One slight problem is that the AA guns are so ridiculously  big that they do make the turret tip forward slightly unless the vehicle is driving uphill. Ah well: a small price to pay!

Here they are:

"Get ready to fire the dustbins of death!"

The turret-tipping madness of the AA array

TFL Painting Challenge: Post-Colours Update

A good selection of entries this week. Almost makes up for what was quite a weird Colours. Can't decide if it was good or bad.

The good was that there was plenty of room, a nice selection of traders, and a few demo games to observe.

The bad was mainly the extraordinary lack of atmosphere...and the fact that I could find nothing I wanted to buy. Oh, and the bar had problems with their taps, so it was literally half an hour to get a drink. 

Anyway, today's entries are:

  • Matt Slade with a cornucopia of 28mm goodness. Lovely work as always, and love the Flash Gordon figures.
  • Jason Ralls with a mostly 15mm submission, including that factory from Sarissa I keep promising myself I must get
  • Mr Naylor finishes his Russian infantry
  • Paul Baldwin is another cornucopia type: zombies, skeletons, animals, dungeon dressing etc
  • Mr Plowman has built a huge 15mm sci-fi fort
  • Mr Luther has made some more scenery
  • and Topi pops in a mix of 15mm and 20mm WW2 stuff

Pictures, pictures,'s got to be Matt's Hawkmen, Jason's factory, and Ralph's fort:

Off to Colours

Sorry about the lack of recent posts (nothing since Monday) but I have been very busy with work and, quite frankly, have done nothing in the evenings except slump in front of the goggle-box!

Well that's not quite true. Given that this new version of the Vis Lardica website is now about a year old (assume the fanfares, wild claims of page views etc) I have been making a bit more of an effort to finish re-uploading the Vis Bellica and Vis Magica content from the old site. All the VB battle reports are now uploaded (see that section of the VB area) and I know what more I have to do.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Colours, back after its enforced absence last year. I'll be updating the Painting Challenge this weekend, so get your entries in, and have a host of content to put up when I can summon the energy to do so!

Meanwhile, here's a pick from the Society of Ancients Battle Day, 2004, where the VB team re-fought Gaugamela.

Greek Mercenary Hoplites from my collection advance towards the waiting Persian hordes.

TFL: The Chain of Command Challenge

I don't often post about the TFL WW2 platoon-level game Chain of Command as this site is really reserved for TFL's company-level games.

I do, however. enjoy a nice game of CoC every now and again, so am happy to help Rich promote the "Chain of Command Challenge": a 20%-off offer on the rules, whatever the format.

Here's what Rich said on Lard Island News:

The Chain of Command Challenge

It’s not often we’ll be so direct as to ask “Do you prefer CoC, or the alternative?” but a very comprehensive review of Chain of Command and one of the alternative rule sets out there aimed at platoon level actions has certainly got people talking.  You can read Trailape’s comments on his blog here:

Now, we’re not making any claim for Chain of Command to be the biggest, best or anything else, but we do know that we all have a huge range of rule sets to choose between and often it takes a bit of a poke with a sharp stick to get us to jump in and try something new.  So, we thought that now would be a great time for us to launch the Chain of Command Challenge to encourage those gamers who’d been thinking about giving Chain of Command a try but who hadn’t quite got round to it yet.  For the remainder of September we are slashing 20% off the price of the rules in hard copy, PDF or tablet-friendly format making Chain of Command fantastic value and this the ideal time to make that jump and give them a whirl.

Of course, as Hans is telling us, we mustn’t forget that Chain of Command benefits from all sorts of nice free to download support products like the notes of bigger battles which can be found here: Big Chain of Command

But there’s much, much more than that.  We are rolling out free Army lists which will eventually cover the whole of WWII as well as producing a range of scenario and campaign supplements to make your gaming even more fun.  Why not check out Lard Island News and search for  Chain of Command Free Downloads to see the whole range of what is already available, or even try one of our Pint-Sized Campaigns, a whole campaign for the price of a pint of beer!

To take part in the Chain of Command Challenge you can find the rules at this great introductory price on our web site here:  Chain of Command Products. And just to make things a bit more fun, we’d love to see your reports on your blogs, Facebook or Twitter feeds (hashtag #spreadthelard ), on the TooFatLardies Forum or Yahoo Group, or simply post your comments in a reply to this post.  Why not take the Chain of Command Challenge today?

TFL Painting Challenge: Today's Update

Lots of entries again today: this is becoming a very busy event!

In no particular order we have:

  • Doug Melville and some very lovely Milanese banners for download
  • Andrew Helliwell with his usual crowd of 15mm figures
  • Leif pops in a handful of Mars Attacks! figures
  • Owen enters some more naval crew and guns
  • Mr "Hat" Bowler returns after a short absence with some more WOTR figures, the first of many Caesarian chaps, and a triplet of ships
  • Mark Luther provides some of the missing pics in his gallery
  • Keith Davies sends in some 6mm WW2 figures
  • Mr Plowman has two entries, both 15mm sci-fi, both fantastic
  • and finally Kev has a couple of very gorgeous bombards for us to admire

Today's pictures are from Kev and Ralph, with Doug's banner's thrown in for good measure!

SciFi civilians from Ralph Plowman

SciFi civilians from Ralph Plowman

One of Kev's rather lovely bombards. You can see a side elevation in his gallery.

One of Kev's rather lovely bombards. You can see a side elevation in his gallery.

Doug's Milanese banners, available to download from his blog (see his gallery for details)

Doug's Milanese banners, available to download from his blog (see his gallery for details)

Oh and here's another, as an extra bonus: some of Mark Luther's Japanese in action: