TFL Painting Challenge: Large Update

Another big update for the painting challenge:  your brushes have been busy! So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Richard Naylor has been painting 1/600 'planes: twelve of them, to be exact
  • Stumpy has been doing some more re-basing
  • Egg has been painting some more Cold War Soviets...and Lidl!
  • Andrew Helliwell has also been painting Soviets, WW2 Soviets reclaimed from a jumble sale
  • Jon Yuengling sends in an assortment of WW2 15s
  • Matt Slade makes up for a short absence with three entries: 7YW 28s and a host of barbarian and dwarf 15s
  • And last, but by no means least, Mr Plowman has built a couple of hills

Today's pictures are below...

I am loving Egg's Cold War Soviets and the Lidl!

Stumpy's re-based Frenchies

Matt Slade's 15mm Barbarian Hero

IABSM AAR: Polish River Crossing

Considering the work I'm currently doing on the Panzerspah list for the German army in 1939, it's a somewhat marvellous coincidence that the next battle report from the archive of Mark Luther is set in Poland in 1939 and features a German reconnaissance force attempting a river crossing in the face of Polish resistance.

Click on the image below to see all:

what an incredible table!

what an incredible table!

IABSM: First German Army Lists for Poland 1939

I've now started work on the German army lists to accompany the "First to Fight" pdf containing all the Polish lists.

The first two, the Light Tank Company and Light Tank Company A, are now available either by clicking on the images, below, or by visiting the Poland 1939 page of the website.

Note that I will post new lists as they are complete but, after they are all done, compile them into one booklet in the same way As I have done with "First to Fight".

Any comments or critiques welcome!

TFL Painting Challenge: Huge Update

Huge update today:  loads of entries from people who haven't been active for a bit.

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Keith Davies with Viking-types in two different scales
  • Egg makes a welcome return, with enough 15mm figures painted in modern woodland camouflage to send any normal man insane
  • Mervyn has been housebuilding: four houses to be exact
  • Mr Naylor pops in a few Austrians
  • Owen is also back with a bang: over 500 points-worth of 28s in one go
  • Andrew Helliwell has a few spearmen and a regiment of ACW Unionists for us to see
  • Sapper is another of the returnees: eighty-five 28s and a house for them all to live in
  • The Hat is back: Lloyd Bowler succumbed to temptation, bought a big box of figures, and has only just now returned to the surface...
  • Steve Bowler submits some more Egyptians, and is now sure that he's painted all of them...
  • And last, but by no means least, Koen sends in a mix of Paras, fantasy and sci-fi figures

So many entries to choose between for the pics. Let's see now...

The reason for Egg's insanity

Sapper's Napoleonics

Zouaves from Lloyd Bowler

The Last of the Egyptians!

Scoreboard will be updated tonight.

Ironclad Miniatures: Both Factories Now Finished

A bit of spare time this weekend gave me the opportunity to finish the Ironclad Miniatures factories I've been working on.

First up were the second and third sections of the large factory:

These two bits then combined with the first section, finished last week, to give a very nice looking and impressively large ruined factory. Here is the whole thing with a motorcycle combo to give you an idea of size:

Then I discovered that those nice people at Ironclad had also sent me a bag full of true ruins: cornerpieces and wall sections etc. These ended up painted in the same way as the main factories:

Finally I realised that I hadn't painted all of the small factory: it has a loading bay that comes separately. So here's another view of the small factory (see previous post) but with the loading bay tacked on:

All in all, some excellent terrain from Ironclad.

Now to start the Poles...

TFL Summer Special 2016 Now Available!

Great news: the TFL Summer Special 2016 has landed and is now available.

Click here to buy it.

Contents and blurb from Rich:

Packed with the usual mix of Lard related articles, scenarios and campaigns.  This is a bumper edition weighing in at a collosal 136 pages

The usual waffle from the less-than-dynamic duo. 

Death Road to Corunna
Alfredo Vitaller & chums from Club Dragon in Madrid present a chilly Napoleonic campaign for Sharp Practice  

A Fast & Dirty Guide to Tactics
Playing Sharp Practice and looking for top tactical tips?  Look no further.

Let’s All Get Equally Confused
Two Operation Torch scenarios for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum from Charles Eckart in the USA

Team Desobry
Men of the midlands, Ade and Al, head for the Ardennes as Team Desobry defend Noville in December 1944 with Chain of Command

109 Beat It
Jim Jackaman takes on the Hun over northern France with Bag the Hun

George Washington’s Indian War
Simon Walker applied his war-paint and looks at this little known but rather spiffing war for Sharp Practice.

On the Trail of Fort Jefferson  
A scenario for the above conflict.

Our Moccasins Trickled Blood.
Another Indian War scenario.  You know that they say, red moccasins…

At the Sharp End…of the Runway
Some campaign ideas for Bag the Hun from James Crate in the US of A.

Binky Faversham’s Guide to Banter
Tally Ho chaps, Caribou nibbling on the croquet hoops, Scramble!  Binky makes sense of banter from his high security psychiatric institution

The Company Commander in Big Chain of Command
Len Tracey suggests uses for the main man in large games of CoC. 

Matching Scale and Wargames
La Roundwood introduces us to fine art and even finer figures for the Thirty Years War

The Japanese Army 1936-42
A guide to Japanese tactics from Len Tracey in Australia.              

George of the Jungle
An IABSM scenario set in Burma in 1945 and starring George Macdonald Fraser.

A Fighting Withdrawal
A Dunkirk perimeter campaign for Chain of Command.  Can you save the BEF? 

Itching to Mix It
The Hun are raiding Swanage.  It was the last time anyone went there out of choice. 

America’s First D-Day
Charles Eckart presents a US-Mexican War amphibious landing. 

Kernow’s Corner
A last-ditch fight for the DCLI as they stand up to the German Spring Offensive of 1918.  A Muddy CoC scenario. 

Tanks in the Wire
The NVA attack a US Special Forces camp in 1968A scenario for Charlie Don’t Surf from Ross Bowrage.

It was just my Imagi-Nation…
An introduction to Big Rich’s Seven Years War project.

The Khazi is Revolting
An Indian Mutiny Scenario from the Deep Fried Lard Games Day.  Can you get the Major Piles Relief Column through in time?

Saving the Honourable “Tootles” Ash
A cinematic adventure into WWII with arescue mission for Chain of Command.

The Roundwood Report
Sidney discusses firing mechanisms and much else with Big Rich.

Creating Facts on the Ground
Fighting the Six Day War Lardy Style with Robert Avery

Ironclad Miniatures: Small Factory Finished

Here's the finished small ruined factory from Ironclad Miniatures.

Very easy to paint. After washing the resin model in soapy water, prime in a brick red colour. I used a can from my local art shop.

Then, once fully dry, paint all the non-brick wreckage in the main building. I used a bright green for bits of corrugated iron roof; bright orange for thick pipework; steel for smaller pipes; and a wood brown for bits of plank. 

I then painted the tile floor and stairs in the ante-room in a pale grey. Finally, where the brick of the inner walls are covered by plaster, I used a bleached bone colour to convey the sense of institution.

Again once fully dry (make sure it really is fully dry before this bit) wash the entire model in a slightly watered down black ink. Really splash it on to make sure you get good coverage.

Leave the model for a day so all the excess fluid evaporates away, and then lightly dry brush the brick wreckage in a pale brick colour. Finally, a light dry brush of the bleached bone colour again to really bring out the detail and, after a light coat of matt varnish, finished.

Each stage should only take about fifteen minutes: it's the drying that takes the time! I painted the factory by doing one stage a night after work.

Although you can't see it properly below, the bit of the factory with the tile floor had a removable roof made up of a smashed in second floor.

Here's another pic showing the factory from the other angle. 


Ironclad Miniatures: Ruined Factory #1

You may remember my posts about the Ironclad Miniatures 15mm windmill and eastern front church:  nice looking buildings, paint up well, not too pricey etc.

Well I was at a wargames show the other day and noticed the Ironclad stall, wandered over and ended up buying their collection of ruined factories. These come in two sizes: a small ruined factory and a large ruined factory. As they didn't have stock in, I paid and gave them my address.

I then promptly forgot all about having done the above, so had a very pleasant surprise a couple of days ago when a large box dropped through the door. In it were several pieces of terrain: five in fact. Oh goody, I thought: five ruined factory bases. What I had also forgotten was that the five bits also fit together to make...yes, you guessed it, one small ruined factory and one large ruined factory.

Fortunately I have realised this after having decided and started to paint them all the same way anyway, so now have well underway either five separate ruined factory bases, or the little 'n' large sets they are supposed to comprise.

Here's the first off the production line: a very nice ruined factory base aka the left hand segment of the large ruined factory set.

Cost for the whole set was £30, so this is £10 of stand alone factory. As you can see, very nice.

I'll post the other bits as I finish them, and talk about how they were painted.

Ironclad Miniatures:

IABSM: Polish Army Lists for 1939 Finished

I am very pleased to announce that the Polish Army Lists for IABSM for the 1939 September War are now finished and available as a free download on this site.

The lists are gathered into a single, 54-page pdf booklet that follows the same format as the two late war theatre supplements Vpered na Berlin and Battle for Liberation.

The booklet contains lists for the following forces:

  • Line Infantry Company
  • Border Protection Force Infantry Company
  • Border Protection Force Mountain/Highland Infantry Company
  • Independent Reconnaissance Tank Squadron
  • Cavalry Squadron
  • Cavalry Armoured Reconnaissance Diwizjon
  • Troops from the 10th Motorised Cavalry Brigade
  • Troops from the Warsaw Armoured Motorised Brigade
  • 1st & 2nd Light Tank Battalions
  • 3rd Light Tank Battalion
  • 12th & 121st Light Tank Companies
  • 21st Light Tank Battalion
  • 2nd Armoured Battalion

In addition, there are rules for rating your Polish force, the Polish Armoury, and details of/rules for armoured trains.

Click on the picture of the front cover to download the list; or visit the Poland 1939 page on the IABSM drop-down, above.

Enjoy...and if you find any errors, or just want to let me know what you think, either comment on this post or drop me a line at the usual address.

TFL Painting Challenge: A Small Update

It's still pretty quiet out there on the painting challenge front, but I thought it was worth a catch-up on what I do have.

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Mr Hodge with a range of fantasy figures and the odd Napoleonic
  • Carole with some more of her Imaginations Bordurians
  • Mr McCarthy sends in a large batch of 15mm WW2 figures
  • Kev submits considerably more than three musketeers
  • Keith Davies pops in some dark ages types in two different scales
  • and finally Mr Helliwell sends in some more War of the Roses 15s

Today's pictures are from Kev, his musketeers; Mr McCarthy's King Tiger; and Derek's French light infantry.

Hopefully the above will inspire the rest of you to pick up your brushes once again. The painting challenge is half way through the year and there are definite signs of slacking! Mind you, it's not as if we had anything else to think about...

IABSM: German Panzerspah Zug

Having painted up an SdKfz 250-based Aufklarung platoon for my late war infantry, it was only appropriate to sort the panzers out as well with an Sdkfz 250-based platoon from the Panzerspahkompanie.

Slightly different configuration from the Aufklarung platoon: with two command SdKfz 250/5 vehicles backed up by four 20mm cannon armed SdKfz 250/9 vehicles.

As with the Aufklarung platoon, the Plastic Soldier Company could provide the 250/9s, but no-one seemed to do a specific 250/5 i.e. the half-track with the extra radio equipment in it.

This is one version of the SdKfz 250/5

This is one version of the SdKfz 250/5

So I decided to go a bit off-the-books here and make the two cars SdKfz 250/3s (i.e. the ones with the aerial cage on top) instead of 5s. This meant that they would be clearly distinguishable from a run-of-the-mill 250, and maybe there were some 5s that had the cage. Google certainly suggested a whole lot of different types of "extra radio equipment", from hoops to tall cactus-like aerials etc.

The problem, of course, is that just as no-one did a 250/5, no-one did a 250/3 either!

Searching the web, however, led me to the 15mm figure manufacturer Heer46. They produce a separate aerial cage for the SdKfz 251/3, and although the cages weren't identical, I thought this was a close enough match and ordered a couple. 

Delivery was prompt, and with a bit of bending and squeezing, the cages fitted the smaller half-tracks just fine. Okay, so they have a cross-brace in the middle, and the 250/3 cage doesn't, but maybe these particular crews fitted extra struts because of high winds in the area in which they were operating!

I painted them in the same way as with the Aufklarung (see previous post) i.e. a base of dunkelgelb then sponged on camouflage, and they turned out equally as well. The only problem was that, again, and with a new can, I've had a frosting issue with GW Purity Seal.

Don't understand it. I switched away from Purity seal as my varnish of choice about ten years ago when I encountered a really bad batch that even GW (reluctantly) admitted was crap. Then, after a few years, I switched back...mainly because of the convenience of being able to pop into a GW store to pick up a replacement. I've had no problems, none at all, since then, until now.

Now I have had not one but two cans, bought from different stores, give my figures a nasty case of dusty frosting. Don't know why, and will have to buy a can of something else to see if an overspray works to clear it. Hope so, as I really don't fancy building and painting another fourteen SdKfz 250s!

Polish Big Man

I mentioned in the post below about the 15mm WW2 figure manufacturer, Heer46, that they produced a range of unique command figures. When I bought the aerial cages for the command vehicles of the Panzerspah company (cf) I also bought one of these "Big Men".

He has painted up very nicely (although I've still got to deal with a bit of varnish frosting) and will form the first of my Poles as the overall command figure. Now all I have to do is buy and paint up the rest of the army!

IABSM AAR: Carroceto

Here's another great battle report from Joe Patchen, this time covering a game of I Ain't Been Shot, Mum using scenario #2 of the Anzio: Wildcat to Whale scenario pack.

It's 25th January 1944 and the Allies have surprised the Germans by landing troops behind their lines at Anzio. Now the British Guards thrust towards Carroceto and the Factory hoping to break out of their beachhead.

Click on the pic below to see all...

IABSM: Poland 1939: Cavalry Squadron

Here's another IABSM v3 list for the 1939 Poles: a cavalry squadron.

I've almost finished the lists now: all I need to do over the weekend is the Armoury i.e. all the stats that support the units and vehicles shown in the lists.

Once that is done, I'll gather all the lists into one enormous pdf (it will be about 50 pages I think) and repost in a download-friendly fashion.

Then it's on to the Germans and Soviets...and maybe the Slovaks for completeness.

Click the picture or here for the pdf of the Cavalry Squadron list; or go to the Poland 1939 page with all the current lists by clicking here.