TFL Painting Challenge: Entries Flooding In!

Loads of entries again today: excellent work everybody!

In no particular order, we have:

  • Stumpy with a teeny bit of re-basing and a very nice Rourke's Drift lavatory
  • Chris Stoesen makes a welcome return with a building in 15mm
  • Ms Flint adds some bugs. I rather like them, and might get some myself
  • Mervyn goes up a couple of sizes with some Riders of Rohan
  • Mr Clarke, the man himself, pops in more than a handful of 28mm figures
  • Matt Slade makes his usual modest entry: 52 goblins and (in a Sheffield accent) a cave troll
  • Richard Naylor finishes his Egyptians and adds their mummy...I mean, adds a mummy
  • Mr Helliwell turns Russian, with a Soviet infantry platoon and supporting SU-122
  • And Mr Ralls proves he is still with us for this year's challenge with a mighty entry of various 28s

Today's pictures are one from Mr Clarke (I know which side my bread is buttered) and one from Mr Ralls:

He didn't say who they were, but here are some nice 28s from Mr Clarke

And here are Jason Ralls' Teutonic Knights. I do love a bit of Teutonic Knight!

Q13: Another New Manufacturer

Well, I think a returning player rather than a brand-new one: Art Crime Productions.

ACP Games produce a small but beautifully realised range of sci-fi figures that they say are "nominally based on 15mm", with the final size dependent on the designs.

So far they have some what they call Characters, mostly infantry of a couple of different types; some rather nice looking Vehicles; and the start of a Makat Empire range that looks definitely worth investigating.

Here's one of their tanks: the Spartan:

TFL Painting Challenge: Big Update

It seems like the end of January has driven you all out of hibernation: lots of entries submitted over the last few days.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Mr Naylor, with some Fez-wearing Egyptians
  • Mr Duffell joins us again with some In-juns and a few WW2 chaps as well
  • As does Keith Davies, but with some little buildings and some considerably bigger Napoleonics
  • Mark Luther takes a break from playing fantastic-looking Chain of Command games to submit some more micro-aircraft (click here to see his flickr album: very much worthwhile)
  • Treadhead also returns, also with some Napoleonics
  • Derek Hodge is another come-back king: with some nice looking guerillos and a host of re-based fantasy stuff
  • Sapper pops in some more Ancients
  • Mr Plowman sends in some great-looking sci-fi figures from Shapeways
  • And finally Kev continues his crusade to field every possible X-Wing spacecraft possible with another fleet's worth of entries

As usual, Scorecard will be updated tonight.

Today's pics? Treadhead's Napoleonics, Mr Luther's 'planes (well, some of them); and Derek's Guerillos:

Napoleonic British infantry from Treadhead

Continuing the Napoleonic theme, Derek Hodge's Spanish guerillos

And just a few of Mr Luther's 1/285 aircraft

IABSM AAR: Leningrad Lend-Lease

Another excellent battle report from Joe Patchen: this time set on the Eastern Front in 1942. 

It's July 1942 and the Russians need to break the siege of Leningrad. A new batch of brand new American lend-lease armor has made its way through  U-boat infested waters to Murmansk and down by rail to the battle area. Into the maelstrom it is on the picture below to see all.

Q13: New Figure Manufacturer

Here's another new 15mm sci-fi figure manufacturer: White Dragon Miniatures.

Their first releases are for what their range background calls the Marine Tactical Units of the Earth Exploration Fleet. There are some nice looking infantry and tanks, and some enormous anthropomorphic walkers as well. 

The infantry are exquisite: highly detailed and nicely animated. The tanks look fairly standard to me (like squashed modern MBTs) but I am loving the Multiple Rocket Launcher System and Mobile Gun System: very innovative. The walkers...well, most of you will know what I think of giant humanoid robot-types with BFGs! That said, I have rather taken a fancy to the Armadillo Support Mech, and will probably buy a few to use with one of my existing armies.

TFL Painting Challenge: A Windy Sunday Update

No walk down by the river for me today: far too cold, wet and windy. I shall just have to stay in and update the painting challenge, and then paint a few figures myself.

Today's entries, in no particular order are:

  • Carole with a couple of alien tanks
  • Fred Bloggs makes his first appearance of the year, complete with 28mm farm
  • As does Mr McCarthy: but with WW2 15s
  • Kev pops in another X-Wing pic: very bright, very shiny!
  • New entrant Garrett Gatzemeyer, the Double G, sends in his first ever submission: eight Anglo-Danish in 28mm
  • Mervyn continues his desert trip with some more British infantry and a couple of Mahdists
  • And, finally for today, Mr Helliwell has some nice Hetzers to add to his collection

Today's pics are from the Double G, his Anglo-Danish, and then Carole's Kra'vak alien tanks, as I'm in a Q13 mood at the moment...

IABSM AAR: The Shattered Town

Great battle report for I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! from Joe Patchen featuring a German assault on an American held town.

Click on the picture below to see the whole thing:

Incidentally, this AAR hasn't appeared elsewhere on the web: Joe sent me the images and words to be loaded specifically onto the Vis Lardica site. Anyone else who wants to do the same for any of the TFL company-sized games (IABSM, CDS, Q13) should feel free to follow suit. Prompt service guaranteed! E-mail me at with the "deets" (as my daughters would say).

Google AdSense: Much Amusement!

So some of you may have noticed that I've added Google AdSense to a couple of pages of the Vis Lardica site. Not exactly ready to retire yet on the proceeds (so far I've made enough to buy about half a 15mm tank!) but it's certainly quite an amusing journey.

AdSense looks at a combination of the content on the page and the cookies associated with you, the visitor, before deciding what ads to serve. Usually that means there's advertising for retirement products (oh, we are just so old, us wargamers)  or online computer games: not a bad match.


Yesterday, however, you may have noticed that I posted about my latest painted unit: a UAR or Egyptian infantry platoon for the 6DW. 

What advertising do I see today?  

Yup:  "Date Arab Women" from!

Remind me never to post about Big CoC*


*Big Chain of Command

6DW: UAR (Egyptian) Infantry Platoon

Now that I had broken the back of the vehicles needed for my UAR (Egyptian) force for the 6DW, it was time to start on the infantry. Platoons of twenty-six figures: three squads of eight plus a two-man Blindicide team.

These were standard Battlefront 15s, and painted up very nicely. Undercoat in Army Painter Skeleton Bone, then wash with GW Agrax Earthshade, then highlight with Foundry Raw Cotton (helmets); Vallejo Sand Yellow (Uniforms); with webbing in two shades of grey from GW. 

Only another two platoons and the Company HQ to go!

You can see the rest of my Six Day War Egyptians by clicking here.

TFL Painting Challenge: Thursday Update

Unusual to have an update on a Thursday, I know, but plenty of entries have come in, and it's good not to be too predictable!

Today's entries, and there are some corkers, come from:

  • Jon Davenport with some AWI infantry painted whilst sheltering from the recent NY storms
  • Mr Plowman submits a downed walker (of the mech not white variety)
  • Oracle sends in some 28s and lots more 6mm figures
  • Chris Gilbride pops in his first entry for 2016 with some 20mm Germans
  • The Bowler Hat also makes a welcome reappearance: some very nice WOTR mounted knights and the start of his Romans
  • Doug Melville leaves Aeroneuf behind for the moment: sending in a trillion 15mm Franco-Scots from around 1421. Lovely stuff
  • And last, but never least, Kev treats us to another couple of his Star Wars models for X-Wing.

Todays pictures? Well I do like Oracle's 6mm stuff, so one of them; and then it has to be a couple of shots of Doug's Franco-Scots. Here they are:

Baccus SYW British in 6mm from Oracle

Scots Men At Ams from Doug Melville

French Men At Arms from Doug Melville

Highland Axemen, also from Doug Melville. See his gallery for the rest!

Q13: Vasseth in the Jungle

Here's the final squad of Vasseth Strike Tanks for my 15mm Chuhuac army: this time painted up for jungle operations (matching the camo of the 1st Platoon).

These I painted in the same way as I do WW2 Soviet tanks, just added a lot more of the lighter colour dry-brushes. So they are sprayed in the Army Painter Soviet tank base coat, then washed with GW Agrax Earthshade , then dry-brushed with GW Loren Forest, and finally what used to be called GW Bleached Bone (I think it's now called Screaming Skull!).

Very easy: and the longest part of the process is waiting for the initial spray and then the wash to dry.

I am liking these very much, and can't wait to get them onto the tabletop.

Highly recommended!

Q13: Vasseth in the Desert

As promised, here's the next batch of Vasseth Strike Tanks for my 15mm Chuhuac army. This squad is camouflaged for desert operations, matching the Chuhuac 2nd Platoon colouring.

Someone saw the command tank I posted yesterday, and asked me what I had used for a hover stand i.e. where did I source that little black post keeping the vehicle off the base.

It's actually a cut-down Chart Pin: you know, those flat headed pins available in different colours designed to be stuck into charts. The flat head makes it easy to push in, the fact it's a centimetre or so long and half a centimetre wide makes it easy to pull out!

These are ideal as hover stands: just the right height, and the flat head makes it easy to glue them to a flat bit of the underside of the vehicle. Even better, the bases are mdf, so if you leave a little stub when you cut the pin bit off (eye protection, please, as clipping them shoots the sharp bit in very unpredictable directions) you can push the stub into the wooden base as you glue it, giving you an even better bond.

Tomorrow I'll post the squad camouflaged for the jungle.

Sad News About A Good Friend

I have just learnt that my good friend and wargaming buddy, Carlo Anziano, passed away yesterday after a long and hard-fought battle with cancer.

I first met Carlo at Salford University, and enjoyed many, long gaming sessions with him: mostly roleplay, with some of the Call of Cthulu games being the best I have ever played. I still recall the session at my somewhat grim digs in Gilda Crescent Road, played at night, with the lights dimmed low, that ended up being so frightening that Tina, Carlo's girlfriend and then lifelong partner and then wife, wouldn't go down the corridor to the loo on her own!

Carlo is in the centre, wearing the Motorhead T-shirt

Our friendship continued after uni, still centred around gaming as well as the usual meet ups at weddings and the like. There was a particularly good Flashing Blades campaign, I remember, where Carlo's character, the laconic if immensely strong Sergeant LeGros, battled a maddened bear deep underground, providing the delay needed for his comrades to escape...and picking up a new bear-claw necklace in the process!

After our uni group got busy with careers and families and the like, I still met Carlo at almost every wargaming show I went to. Salute, Colours, Warfare and others. He was usually with his friends of the Huntingdon Wargames Society, putting on and playing in a spectacular game with many of his own figures on show. We always found time for a chat and a catch-up, and usually a beer or two too. It was good: the natural order of things, something to look forward to. I shall miss him.

My utmost sympathies go out to Carlo's family, other friends and, of course, Tina. 


Q13: Vasseth Strike Tanks for the Chuhuac

One of my favourite sci-fi ranges are the Chuhuac from Loud Ninja Games. These are like mini velociraptors with body armour and guns, and paint up really beautifully.

Up until now, however, the only armoured support they have had is from what are called 'Battlesuits' : one man fighting vehicles with a big gun and missile launcher on top and a couple of small guns in front. Nice, but not proper tanks!

Now, however, that gap is filled with the release of the Vasseth Strike Tanks. These are wedge-shaped hover vehicles with the same asymmetric armament as the Battlesuits. I bought seven of them: one squad of three for each of my platoons, and one for the Company HQ.

The models come with loads of different armament options. I used the big main gun for them all, and added either a twin-barrelled autogun or a small missile launcher to all except the Company HQ vehicle: that one I fitted with a much larger missile launcher that I found in the bit box.

Here it is:

Watch this space for the jungle and desert camouflaged versions coming up tomorrow and Wednesday!

TFL Painting Challenge: Sunday Update

Entries have been slowing down lately: but then there's lots of people still to make their first submission of the year.

Today, in no particular order, we have:

  • Mr Douglas with three separate entries in the same week, including some re-basing
  • Andrew Helliwell sends in another platoon of WW2 Germans
  • Matt Slade submits for the first time in 2016: slamming in sixty-five beautifully painted 28s
  • Carole completes her 15mm sci-fi infantry company with a platoon and some support weapons
  • Kev's entry is a toy re-painted for use with X-Wing:  looks fantastic
  • Jon Yuengling sends in his first submission of the year...very welcome, even if I had to guess what it was!
  • And finally Richard Naylor sends in some more terrain: rocks and a yards worth of graves.

Three pics today as I can't decide between them:

Some of Matt Slade's baddies from Crooked Dice

Carole's 15mm Support Platoon

Kev's Conversion for X-Wing

6DW: Egyptian Army SP Tank Destroyer Platoon

Those of you who follow this blog regularly will know that when I bought Battlefront 15mm plastic SU-100s for my WW2 Soviet army, I also bought another box to use for the Six Day War Egyptians.

The WW2 models turned out pretty well, so I was looking forward to a similar result with the Soviet-cast-offs-now-in-Egyptian-service versions.

Building them was easy: just the same as before but with the additional of an extra storage bin on the right front wing. An undercoat in sprayed on desert yellow was followed by a dark brown wash followed by two highlights: desert yellow again then what I would call a Bleached Bone colour. Tracks painted black with a light dry brush of dark grey, a few other details done, and Bob's your uncle.

Well, that's what I thought.

One thing about metal-and-resin tanks is that you rarely get a totally smooth finish on the model. The very nature of the stuff that they are made of makes them a bit rough: a roughness that comes up during the wash and dry brush process and makes them look a bit less like a toy.

Plastic, on the other hand, has a very smooth finish:  the 'finished' tank destroyers looked way, way too clean, even for me, who likes a car-wash finish to his vehicles. These, however, were supposed to represent old vehicles: old vehicles that had spent plenty of time in the desert as well...and with an army not known, even today, for its high standards of maintenance.

They needed weathering in a big way, so it was off down to GW to see whether I could find anything there to help. The very helpful store manager not only sold me a pot of what they call Typhus Corrosion, but even showed me how to use it.

This stuff, TP we'll call it, is like a dark brown wash, but has a sediment in it that sticks to the model as well, nicely roughening it up. It's a bit like the stuff I'm now using on the bases - from the GW Technical range - which is like paint with little mini, mini ball bearings in it.

I painted the TP on just like any other wash, and practically had a heart attack. My lovely, pristine tank destroyers now looked like horrible, crusty brown blobs!

This was only the first stage, however, so once they had dried, I dry brushed in Bleached Bone again, and suddenly the detail came back up again...and came back up again very nicely. I particularly like the effect on the roadwheels.

So, here they are: Soviet cast-off WW2 tank destroyers in Egyptian service: looking every inch of how old they must have been. They'll be a nice contrast to the Israelis (when I get around to painting them) who I'm aiming to do in a showroom finish!

Q13: More Dwarves!

I've finally managed to finish another unit of Space Dwarves for my nascent force.

These are the second unit from Cactus Miniatures: a platoon of PBI to go with the chaps in powered armour painted last year.

Nice figures: not the works of art of some ranges...but very well-priced and, as you can hopefully see despite the poor photography, do have the character that a dwarf army needs to have.