TFL Painting Challenge: Quick Update

I say a quick update as not too many people have submitted entries over the last week or so...must be saving themselves for the just-before-deadline rush!

Whatever the reason, this update we have achievements from:

  • Mr Hodge and the last of his Unpronuncables that take him past the 1,500 points mark
  • Chris Stoesen with some flight stands and some AWI figures
  • Benito with some cracking SCW figures
  • and Alexandros with some equally cracking SCW and WW2 vehicles

Today's pictures are from Alexandros and Benito:

Hotchkiss MMG from Benito

Hotchkiss MMG from Benito

Staghound from Alexandros

Staghound from Alexandros

Beyond a joke!

Now those of you who visit this website regularly will know that I am quite a fan of Battlefront figures. I might not play Flames of War, preferring IABSM, but I do buy the figures...lots of them.

Sometimes, however, Battlefront do something which drives me potty...something that is 'beyond a joke'.

Today's 'beyond a joke' is the new Gebirgsjaeger anti-tank rifle team of two figures: one rifleman and one chap carrying what I think is a PzB 38 or 39 anti-tank rifle. The team retails for about £1.50, but I got three of them in the recent 3-for-2 sale which, to be fair, was a very good thing, with a delivery arriving within three days of my order.

From the sublime...

I have previously commented that Battlefront's Gebirgsjaeger are a mixed bunch. Some of them are some of the best figures I have ever seen, and paint up beautifully, but some of them are ghastly shop-dummy manikins that I really only kept to make up the right numbers.

 The initial release didn't contain any man-portable anti-tank weapons (no 'schreks, no ATRs) so I was chuffed to bits when I saw that anti-tank rifle teams were finally available.


My joy was short lived. Why, I hear you ask? Well I will let a picture say a thousand words. Here are the two figures from the Battlefront Gebirgsjaeger anti-tank rifle team pack: the ridiculous!

You may notice that they are a slightly different size to each other.



The bloke with the ATR is so short his colleague can see over his flipping head! I mean, was this some kind of joke? Give the shortest man in the unit the biggest gun? It honestly looks like two figures from different ranges or manufacturers, not two figures designed to be fielded together mounted on the same base! What a pile of steaming poop!

I can understand the team being shorter than previous releases (new sculptor etc) but just the new figure? Didn't anyone at Battlefront notice that the two chaps didn't really match each other?

Come on, Battlefront: get your act together!

AAR: Diot

Played a great game of I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! today using scenario #4H from the Blenneville or Bust! scenario pack. 

Exciting action as the Germans attempt to outflank the Allied advance via the strategically vital town of Diot, only to run into a company of Scottish infantry determined not to let them past!

Click on the picture to read the whole AAR:

And for those whose appetites are whetted by the above, I've reloaded the IABSM AARs down to the last one from the Fall of the Lion Gate Malaya and Singapore scenario pack - I'm doing all the scenario pack AARs first before moving on to individual games and the Games Day reports. Check them out!

29, Let's Go! Released

29, Let's Go! is the first of the Pint-Sized campaigns for Chain of Command (the platoon-level WW2 game from the TooFatLardies) designed to be played using the campaign handbook At the Sharp End.  

Thirty-two pages long, 29, Let's Go! was released yesterday, and contains an overview of the planned, and then actual, events on Omaha beach on the 6th of June before then going on to present a mini-campaign covering the advance of the US 175th Infantry Regiment from the initial beachhead in their drive to link Omaha and Utah beaches by capturing the key bridge at Isigny.  

The campaign is a total of five game tables with the duration running between five and nine games.  Briefings are provided for both sides, along with measurable objectives, period maps, force and support option listings and everything you need to play this campaign through to its conclusion.  

Highly recommended.

You can read more about 29 Let's Go! on the TFL blog, Lard Island News here.

And actually buy the thing (which really is just the cost of a pint) here.

TFL Painting Challenge: It's's update time!

Always nice to update the challenge after a weekend: lots of lovely entries to catalogue, and today is no exception.

In no particular order we have:

  • Joakim Strom with some more BEF that take him just over the 500 points mark
  • Mr Topi with legions of 15mm goodness and some French walls
  • Some Roman Auxilia from Chris Stoesen
  • Continuing the theme, Mr Douglas has submitted a unit of Roman archers (technically auxiliaries as well) which will hopefully appear the right way up
  • A couple of early war German tanks from Mr Melville, whose gallery is at least present if not yet correct
  • Some more 6mm planes from Mr Luther, who's left only two points short of the 2,500 points mark
  • The Mad Padre with some 28mm foot
  • Mr Hodge with more of his Unpronuncables
  • And Thomas, unbelievably, submits another entry as well

Today's picture is of Mr Hodge's Unpronuncables: nine 28mm Cavalry for his Gŵr y Gogledd force for Dux Britanniarum 

Quar: Ailthean Light Tractors

It's been over a month since I've had a chance to do any painting (something to do with spending all my time re-loading content onto this website!) so it was a real pleasure to sit down at the painting table yesterday and  make the tiniest of dents in the lead mountain.

Earlier this year, Zombiesmith added a whole set of new troops to their 15mm Quar line (think WW1 anteaters), and here are the first completed: a half-wedge of Ailthean Light Tractors for my Crusader forces.

AAR: Ploschad

Last week Neil and I played the climatic battle in our Bashnya or Bust! campaign: with the Soviets trying to get past the German defenders of Ploschad.

A cracking game, even if my camera was playing up a bit.

Click on the picture below to read the whole AAR...

I've also found the time to re-load the first eight or so IABSM AARs from the Blenneville or Bust! scenario pack too, so check them out!


Due for release 22nd October, the trailer certainly wets my appetite!

All the more so as I know they used the Tiger I from Bovingdon Tank Museum, the only working Tiger tank in Europe IIRC, in the film and Brad (that's Mr Pitt to the rest of you) launched the film there a couple of weeks ago. 

Oooh, exciting!

"Fury" Official Trailer (2014)

Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf HD April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines.

AAR: Near Devyat

Craig Ambler gives us the next installment in his solo-play Bashnya or Bust! campaign. This time it's action near Devyat, featuring a German raid to spike some Soviet guns.

Click on the picture to

And for those who like a bit of Vietnam action, I've finished loading all the Charlie Don't Surf! After Action Reports. Use the navbar in the header to go there now (well, after you've read Craig's AAR, of course).

TFL Painting Challenge: Monday Night Update

I'm pleased to see that a few of you found time for the painting challenge over the weekend! In no particular order we have entries from:

  • Benito ( a StuG)
  • Mr Danziger with some German infantry
  • a hugely unpronounceable entry from Mr Hodge in the form of a Gŵr y Gogledd  starter force for Dux Britanniarum
  • Dave Humm with a weird mixture of figures
  • and finally Alexandros with three fine looking Italian tanks for Big CoC. 

Today's picture has to be of Benito's StuG:

Sale: Stoesen's TFL Scenario Packs

Chris Stoesen, author of several scenario packs for TFL rule systems, is having a sale in honour of his birthday. Details at

 According to Chris' site, the sale prices are:

In the Name of Roma is now $5.50
The Coming Thunder is now $5.00
The Falcon and the Gladiator is now $5.00
And The Air War in the Western Desert is Free if you purchase something else. Or just $1.00 by itself.

TFL Painting Challenge: First Update on New Site (and it's a Biggie!)

It seems hard to believe that the below are only a week's worth of entries for the painting challenge...but they are!

So, today we have achievements from:

  • Dave Bailey, with a host of 15mm infantry for the French Indian Wars
  • Benito with some more Afrika Korp
  • Jon Yuengling returns to the fray with more ships and aircraft
  • Jason Ralls is also back in action with a large, if mixed, bunch of entries that takes him smashing past the 2,000 points mark
  • Craig Ambler pops in some Napoleonics
  • Matt Slade submits WoR infantry, some knights, vikings and Normans in a big entry that takes him well past the 2,500 point mark
  • Alexandros adds some Bren Carriers and an M3 Half-track in 28mm to his total
  • Wulf Corbett (now spelt correctly!) adds some more Fortune & Glory figures
  • And finally the Mad Padre chimes with some ACW foot and a smashing German WW2 checkpoint set (that I have counted as a building)

Congrats to all the above...and all your galleries are updated if, in some cases, not yet titled and pointed properly.

Two pictures today: an alternative shot of the Mad Padre's checkpoint (I'm sure I recognise the munching German); and some of Matt's Vikings.

First Post!

Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Vis Lardica website.

Here you will find all the content from the old Vis Lardica website, but in a new and improved format. This new site is much more modern in look and layout, far more functional, and fully responsive i.e. should work brilliantly on tablet and mobile as well as desktop.

It's also much easier for me to update: something of major importance as the TFL painting challenge reaches its climax at the end of the year!

Please note, however, that a lot of the old VL content is still in the process of being transferred across to this new site. My apologies for that...but every one of the 500 or so AARs and other articles has to be cut, pasted and re-laid out in the new format, with images and other forms of content added as well. My target is to have everything TFL finished by Christmas, with the non-TFL content finished early in the new year.

To give you an example of what I have to do, the 'previous' posts in this blog - the old VL news bulletins dating back to 2006 - have all had to be individually re-posted: a task that I have managed over the last four days or so, posting between 100-150 posts a day before and after work and at lunchtimes!

Right, that's all from me for now. First 'proper' post will be tomorrow sometime, with an update to the painting challenge.



Robert Avery

TFL Painting Challenge: Weekly Update

Originally posted 27th September 2014

Here's this week's painting challenge update.

  • Jim Weir is welcome back with his first Q3 contribution: a load of Old Contemptibles!
  • Joakim with a double handful of WW2 BEF vehicles
  • Matt Slade produces some lovely VBCW figures
  • Mervyn has more Ancients
  • Mr Treadhead claims a million miles of road and trenches
  • We also welcome back Vidal with his first contribution to Q3: a mixture of infantry
  • and Leif with some gorgeous Crusader WW2 Brits and some X-Wing fighters

Today's pictures are from Matt and Leif. I'm loving Matt's VBCW Freeminers, and Leif's infantry are lovely too...

Freeminers' Support


Leif's Infantry

Vis Lardica To Be Updated & Relaunched

Originally posted 21st September 2014

After eight years of what even I have called a 1980's design, I have decided to upgrade the Vis Lardica website.

The new site is currently under construction, and will have a responsive design (i.e. will work brilliantly on mobiles and tablets), a blog function, lightboxes for pictures and will just look a lot better.

Rest assured, though, it will have all the content on this site...or at least it will once I have transferred it across! Re-doing 250+ battle reports is taking quite a long time!

For the moment, however, this site will only have Painting Challenge updates. All new AARs will be on the new site.

More news to follow.

TFL Painting Challenge: Big Update

Originally posted 21st September 2014

Been incredibly busy this week (see next story, above) so have not had a chance to do any updates.

So, here goes with a mega one!

We have updates from:

  • Owen: three entries, loads of points that takes him over the 2,500 mark!
  • Benito with more of his SCW stuff
  • Derek with seven buildings including a lots-of-work stockade that takes him crashing past the 1,000 point score!
  • Mr Bailey with more FIW figures
  • Mr Bax with some sci-fi vehicles
  • Mervyn and some Ancients
  • Joakim with a hanger that I really covet!
  • Topi with some 15mm WW2 vehicles
  • Mr Slade and loads of 28mm figures
  • and Mr Luther with a truly massive hex mat that I currently (as I'm typing this before I do the points) have no idea how to score!

Today's picture is from Joakim: a second viewpoint of his hanger (which I want!):

TFL Painting Challenge: Update

Originally posted 13th September 2014

Quite a quiet week this week: must be the end-of-the-summer-holidays effect!

Despite that, today we have entries from:

Craig Ambler with a mixture of stuff; Mark Luther with more 20mm Japanese; a big entry from Owen; a big entry from Topi; almost as big an entry from Dave Bailey;  Manuel with some slingers and ninjas; an unusually small entry from Kev; and 100 inches of fence from Treadhead!