AAR: TFL Stalingrad Day

Originally posted 16th February 2013

Excellent news!

I thought I had lost Kev's battle report from the TFL Stalingrad Day way back in 2005:  I had failed to slurp all Kev's content and, when he had problems with his own website, the report disappeared.

Now, however, thanks to those clever chaps at the Web Archive, it rises like a phoenix from the ashes. Hoorah!

TFL Gamesday: Tobruk

Originally posted 16th June 2011

The TFL Games Day 2011 took place on Sunday 12th June, with the action being a re-fight of the Commonwealth break-in to Tobruk in January 1941.  Seven games were fought during the day. In the morning, the Commonwealth troops broke through the Italian perimeter. A lunchtime interlude saw the Matildas of 7TRT attempting to suppress the main Italian gun line. Finally, the Commonwealth troops fanned out, with three games charting their progress inside the perimeter.

Full reports of the day's play, plus tons of photos!

'Beer & Lard Day' at Burton on Trent

Originally posted 15th November 2010

This weekend saw the first Burton-upon-Trent “Beer & Lard Day”: a day’s wargaming that gives those people unable to easily travel down to Lard HQ for our annual events an opportunity to try out games from the TooFatLardies stable of rules.

My role was to run the games using I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum!, the Lardies’ WW2 company level ruleset.  I ran three different scenarios on the day, the first of which was 3RTR at Hames-Boucres: the third game from the Defence of Calais early war scenario pack.

AAR: TFL Airborne Day

Originally posted 5th December 2008

This year's TFL Games Day focussed on the Allied airborne landings that were the immediate precursor to D-Day. Lardies throughout the world played games themed around this event.

Broadly speaking, activities at Lard HQ focused on the British 6th Airborne Division's operations; whilst other islands of Lard around the globe played games focusing on the US 82nd Airborne Division's operations.

In all, fourteen games were played: reports are here.

AAR: TFL CDS Playtest Day

Originally posted 4th July 2008

More photographs from the recent 2008 Games Day, where the same four scenarios were used by Lardies around the world to give the rules a final play-test before publication.

We now have photographs from Lard Island; Denmark; Tasmania and North California.

You can go straight to the AAR here.