Q13: Quar Tanks?

Regular visitors will recall that I took part in the original All Quiet on the Martian Front kickstarter. I was very happy with what I received: I only really wanted the tripods anyway, all of which have now been painted and are prepped for action.

The trouble was that I also received a whole bunch of quasi-WW1 tanks and infantry as well: the Earthlings that are fighting the aforementioned Martians.

I’m still not sure what to do with the infantry, but mention the words “quasi-WW1” and immediately one thinks of Zombiesmith’s excellent Quar range. I have small 15mm forces for all three factions, but not really enough to play the sort of large games of Q13 that I enjoy.

Here then was the perfect use for the AQOTMF tanks: Quar tanks. Here’s the first batch painted up:

I actually can’t wait to get these onto the tabletop, so will move the Quar up the priority list for forthcoming games of Q13!

Quar: Crusader Heavy Weapons Section

I took advantage of the Zombiesmith Winter Sale (15% off) to fill some of the gaps in my Quar forces. 

First up is the Crusader Heavy Weapons Section: three Model 6 Heavy Semi-Automatic Shotgun teams. These are the equivalent of MMGs for the Crusaders, and are a great demonstration of how detailed the "fluff" surrounding these loveable anthropomorphic anteaters is: there's a whole section in the This Quar's War book devoted to the Model 6's, describing how they are used, what round they fire, their crew and functions etc. More information than you get in most non-sci fi games!

Not a very good picture, but the section comprises three guns, each with a crew of six.

See more of the Quar by visiting their gallery here, or at the Zombiesmith site itself

Weedl Scout Flyer

I've mentioned before how much I like Zombiesmith's Quar: WW1 era anteater types with suitably Heath Robinson vehicles.

One of their latest releases is the first of the 'aerocraft': the Weedl Scout Kite. This is a lovely model that is easy to put together and paint. It even comes with a propeller in thin brass.

Here's my attempt at painting one of them:

More Garn, more Quar

Just filling in a few gaps in my Garn and Quar armies.

First up, the command and FOO teams for the Garn. These are the "new look" Garn just released by Khurasan: less T-Rex with guns, more sci-fi lizard- or dragon-men.

Here we have a couple of commanders, and a couple of FOO who are presumably calling in fire from their "Distant Tooth" satellites.

Then we have a few more Quar Coftyrans:  three Big Men and the howitzer from the Heavy Weapons section:

Clicking on the photos will take you to the full gallery page for each army.

A Kryster Dosran-Ka or Two

I really like Zombiesmith's Quar: alien ant-eater types locked into a perpetual civil war in what is effectively World War One in terms of technology and troop types.

Available in 28mm, 15mm and 6mm, Zombiesmith regularly release new factions, each with their own distinct heritage and equipment.

The latest faction for release in 15mm are the Kryster: desert nomad types who fight in small companies of mixed infantry and armour. Best of all, the armour is typical Quar: wild, whacky and looks like something that could have been developed here on Earth.

First off the painting table is the armour: two Dosran-Ka, each comprising two Sothwyr armoured wagons and one Gwaeyr light armoured tractor. Here are the models grouped together rather than split by unit:

Sothwyr armoured wagons

Sothwyr armoured wagons

Gwaeyr Light Armoured Tractors

Gwaeyr Light Armoured Tractors

See the rest of my Quar in their gallery by clicking here; or visit the Zombiesmith website by clicking here.

NB  I'll be updating the painting challenge again tomorrow: so get your latest entries in now!

Quar: Ailthean Light Tractors

It's been over a month since I've had a chance to do any painting (something to do with spending all my time re-loading content onto this website!) so it was a real pleasure to sit down at the painting table yesterday and  make the tiniest of dents in the lead mountain.

Earlier this year, Zombiesmith added a whole set of new troops to their 15mm Quar line (think WW1 anteaters), and here are the first completed: a half-wedge of Ailthean Light Tractors for my Crusader forces.

Q13 Army Lists: The Quar

Originally posted 20th June 2014

I have been so busy with Bashnya or Bust! that I missed the next wave of Zombiesmith's 15mm Quar releases.

This introduces some very welcome additions to the range, including the much-needed basic company support weapons for both the Crusader and Coftyran forces. It also includes Coftyran officers, new tractors and a great looking Weedl scout kite. Finally, there is a new nationality of Quar released, the Kryster: desert raiders equipped with fast-moving three-wheelers and their own tractor. I have immediately ordered about a metric ton of these, and can't wait to get them on the painting table.

 New figures means a revised army list, so the Quar list now contains all the new releases plus details of the Fidwog forces as well. My thanks to Josh of Zombiesmith for the free pdf.

Quar Crusader Cavalry

Originally posted 4th March 2013

I do love Zombiesmith's 15mm Quar range of sci-fi figures, and cannot wait for them to work their way through releasing the entire range.

In the meantime, here are the latest additions to my collection: a Crusader Cavalry Wedge. Note the way that each Squad's cadiers are of the same colour; the wedge-shaped formation with leader in the middle; and, of course, the trooper that I have placed on the photography table facing the wrong way!

Quar: Coftyran Cheewythl Tanks

Originally posted 20th January 2013

Just before Christmas, those fine chaps at Zombiesmith released some more 15mm Quar: Crusader cavalry and snipers, and the first of the Coftyran Royalists.

All I've had a chance to paint so far are the Coftyran light tanks and the Crusader snipers, but I have had a rather good idea for a battle or two. Rather than have the Crusaders and Coftyrans fight it out, I'm going to pit a combined Quar force against Space Bug invaders: what better than ant-eaters to fight what are effectively giant ants!

Q13 Army Lists

Originally posted 8th January 2013

I've updated three Q13 army lists on the site: the Space Bugs from Highlander Studios (a few tweaks following the game, below); the Quar from Zombiesmith (to take into account their new Coftyran releases); and WWW2 Americans with experimental weapons from Clockwork Goblin (tweaks and new releases). I've also added the Stikk (a.k.a. the Entomal) range of bugs from Khurasan.

Space Bugs

The Quar


The Stikk