Originally posted 19th July 2014

I found a new source of IABSM After Action Reports today: a blog by a member of the Metropolitan Wargamers of Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York City, aptly named Brooklyn Wargaming.

Kimber has recently discovered IABSM, and has written a review here

He has also posted a couple of short After Action Reports from the Where The Hell Have You Been, Boys?scenario pack.

#1:  Find the Guns

#2: Holding the Pointe

#4: South of Vierville

TFL Games Day: Operation Market Larden 2

Originally posted 15th June 2014

I was lucky enough to be able to make Operation Market Larden 2 this weekend: a day of Lardy wargaming organised by the Wyvern Wargamers.

This was an excellent day's gaming at which I played Chain of Command for the first time in the morning (my apologies to my opponents for the slightly flukey at-the-last-moment victory!) and Mike Whitaker's brilliant rendition of the Bloody Omaha scenario from the Where The Hell Have You Been, Boys? D-Day scenario pack in the afternoon.

There will be a proper AAR posted shortly but, for the moment, here is a sample shot of the afternoon game.