More Praesentia

Almost finished the Praesentia now: just a few Trinaries and the drones to go.

Here are the rest of the Sentinel and Guardian drones:

Here’s hoping that Ral Partha, the current owners of the range, get around to producing the resin as well as the metal elements of the Praesentia. The infantry are lovely, but are going to be easy meat without some drones to back them up.

More Praesentia

I’m still working my way through painting my Praesentia army: high tech chaps originally from Critical Mass Games and now available through Ral Partha.

First up are another two platoons of RAL robot infantry led by their Enlightened ‘Trinaries’ or collection of three Big Men. Painting them was easy: the robots got an undercoat and then one coat of one of the new Citadel Contrast paints. Add in a red dot for the eye, a tiny bit of green as detail on the weapons, and done! The Trinaries’ robes are painted in the same way, with their bodies a dark blue highlighted by a sky blue.

I’ve also started on the drones that the Praesentia use instead of manned vehicles. Here are three Sentinel drones:

Just a few more Trinaries and drones to do now…

Q13: Praesentia Army List

Originally posted 3rd January 2014

I've finally got around to completing the Praesentia army list for Q13, based on the superb range of figures from Critical Mass Games.

I've been wanting to do these for some time as I am strongly tempted to make them my next sci-fi army purchase. They are the first Tech 4 army to be included within the lists, and have some excellent chrome to make them complete. 

Here's a picture of the box set showing the basic robot infantry force with Praesentia Big Men and various drones for support.