More Garn, more Quar

Just filling in a few gaps in my Garn and Quar armies.

First up, the command and FOO teams for the Garn. These are the "new look" Garn just released by Khurasan: less T-Rex with guns, more sci-fi lizard- or dragon-men.

Here we have a couple of commanders, and a couple of FOO who are presumably calling in fire from their "Distant Tooth" satellites.

Then we have a few more Quar Coftyrans:  three Big Men and the howitzer from the Heavy Weapons section:

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Garn List Updated

Originally posted 29th March 2013

The promised update to the Garn/Felid list as I add the Mako weapons system just released by Khurasan. 

I've also added a picture of the Mako figures taken from Khurasan's website, showing how the system works. You buy the guns (a mortar and a twin-barrelled piece) with the crew you want (there are crew figures available for most of Khurasan's main ranges), and then choose the mounting you want: either a static stand or a small tractor. This multi-race approach really has to be the way forward for multi-range, sci-fi figure manufactures.