IABSM AAR: The Bridge at Urk

Nice to see someone playing a scenario from Vyazma or Bust! 

Here, fellow Lardy Vaggelis plays #2A: The Bridge at Urk in 6mm. Will the Germans manage to find a way through to outflank Sychevka? Will the Soviet commander survive the disgrace of his last battle? It all happens around the bustling metropolis that is Urk.  Click on the pic below to see the story unfold...

You can visit Vaggelis' excellent looking blog Wargames and History by clicking here.

AAR: The Centre of Yelna (Day 2)

Originally posted 20th December 2012

Those of you who follow this site regularly will remember that battle four in Benito's Vyazma or Bust! campaign had ended in a draw. Votes were called for, and the overwhelming response was for Benito to play the game again as if the Germans had renewed their assault on Yelna the next day.

Here's the report of what happened. Another close game!

AAR: Two from Norseygamer

Originally posted 25th October 2012

A couple of battle reports from Norseygamer. These are both played solo in 20mm on an enormous 8" by 4" table!

Both are from scenario packs. The first is our first AAR from the new Blenneville or Bust! supplement (see below): British tanks and infantry attempt to capture Avaux.

Avaux from Blenneville or Bust!

Vyazma from Vyazma or Bust!

The second is from the Vyazma or Bust! supplement: the climatic battle in the campaign set on the outskirts of Vyazma. The Germans are attacking, and get a bit of a shock when the Soviet armoured train de-cloaks!

AAR: Four added

Originally posted 19th April 2008

After a work- and baby-enforced absence, a whole raft of battle reports added:

  • French vs Yanks in Tunisia courtesy of Max Maxwell and fort Perdu Encore.
  • Zutpeyne with the Gloucesters again, from Jan Spoor.
  • The Vyazma or Bust scenario pack features with action at Izdeshkovo from Steve Burt and from near Belyj from Huscarle.
  • A battle from Cymru Am Byth: the Welsh Guards in action near the Albert Canal, courtesy of Oddball.