Q13 AAR: Down on the Farm (An Invasion Earth! Scenario)

Great game of Q13 on Saturday night against long-time opponent Neil.

We used a variation of the 'Down on the Farm' scenario from the Five Planets campaign pack: moving the action from the planet Three to Earth as part of a series of Invasion Earth games that we are fighting.

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Q13 Army Lists: Updates

A couple of updates for the Q13 Army Lists.

First up, I've added stats for the Mudskipper Medium Jump Walkers to the US Weird World War III list. Gives the Airborne force a real punch!

Secondly, I've added a brand new army list: Dwarves in Space. Forgive the slightly clumsy title, but one has to think about copyright. At the moment the list covers the Thrainites from Khurasan (a nice mix of infantry and vehicles) and the Sons of Thunder from Rebel Minis. I'll add more as and when manufacturers release more 'dwarf' models.

You can see all the Q13 lists by using the navbar, above, or by clicking here.

Khurasan's Thrainite Troopers

Khurasan's Thrainite Troopers

US Weird World War 2: Mudskipper Medium Jump Walkers

Now I know I'm supposed to be painting my Airborne infantry platoon, but just before I do, a little diversion...

I seem to remember complaining that Clockwork Goblin had promised some medium jump walkers to go with the Hyena Light Jump Walkers, but that there was no sign of them as of yet.

Well, under the radar, as any good Airborne force should be, they have released them, and very nice they are too.

Here is the platoon of Mudskipper Medium Jump Walkers all ready to go into action with the rest of the Airborne force...once I've painted them, that is!

Oh, and as it seemed to work last time, can we have the Firefly Jump Infantry now please. And can they have wings not rocket packs please!

WWW2 US Forces Augmented

Originally posted 7th December 2013

My Invasion Earth games are based on various alien races invading the Earth towards the end of WW2. Opposing the various aliens are my US troops, augmented by Clockwork Goblin's excellent range of Weird World War 2 figures.

Here are the Goblin's latest releases for the US force: Hyena light jump walkers for the soon-to-be-released Firefly jump troops, and some rocket-launcher types for the powered armour infantry company HQ. Highly recommended.

Hyena Light Jump Walkers

Infantry Command element

US WWW2 List

Originally posted 15th October 2013

Clockwork Goblin have released the next in their excellent range of US Weird World War II figures: the Hyena Light Jump Walkers based on the Coyote Light Walker with added flamethrower and jump pack; and the heavy infantry heavy weapons (looks like a bazooka to me).

Now all we need is the Jump Infantry to go with the Hyenas...and I'm sure there were supposed to be some medium Jump Walkers as well...Mudskippers IIRC. Anyway, when I met the Goblin at Colours recently, he said the Jump Infantry were on the way soon. He didn't mention the Mudskippers though! 

I knew I wasn't imagining things!

I knew I wasn't imagining things!

Q13 Army Lists

Originally posted 8th January 2013

I've updated three Q13 army lists on the site: the Space Bugs from Highlander Studios (a few tweaks following the game, below); the Quar from Zombiesmith (to take into account their new Coftyran releases); and WWW2 Americans with experimental weapons from Clockwork Goblin (tweaks and new releases). I've also added the Stikk (a.k.a. the Entomal) range of bugs from Khurasan.

Space Bugs

The Quar


The Stikk


Weird World War 2: Clockwork Goblins Miniatures

Originally posted 29th December 2012

Clockwork Goblin are a relatively new miniatures company who produce a range of 15mm figures based on the alternative history premise that WW2 continues into an age of powered armour, walkers, zombies and super-boosted humans.

I am going to use the US forces to combine with my existing WW2 US forces for Invasion Earth! style scenarios using Quadrant 13. Here's a review of what the Clockwork Goblin US range consists of so far.