IABSM AAR: All American #10: Neuville au Plain

Another great after action report picked up from the IABSM Facebook page.

This time, Desmondo Darkin leads his Luftlande Grenadiers into action against the 82nd Parachute Infantry Regiment in a scenario taken from the All American scenario pack.

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IABSM AAR: Pouppeville

Superb After Action Report from Carojon featuring a game  based on one of the scenarios in the All American scenario pack.

The tiny village of Pouppeville covered the end of one of the four designated exits from Utah beach on D-Day, so members of the US 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions were dropped behind Utah beach to help in the clearing and securing of the area prior to the landing of the seaborne troops.

See how they do by clicking on the picture, below:

AAR: More from All American

Originally posted 9th October 2009

Four new AAR's added, all from the All American 82nd Airborne scenario pack. Inspired by Martin 981463's fantastic 20mm game, I went back and loaded up the three playtest battle reports from the Durham boys. Click on the links to read the reports.

Playtest 1

Playtest 2

Playtest 3

I've also added links to all Kev (Fat Wally)'s battle reports to make your browsing even easier.

AAR: All American #10

Originally posted 5th August 2009

John Wimbush provides a battle report covering action from Scenario 10 of the All American supplement: Dog Company of the 2nd/505th PIR holds the northern flank of the landing zone.

Read the AAR here.

This brings the number of AARs on the site up to fifty: crackingly good reads with lots of inspiring photographs!