Q13: 15mm spaceship from Ravenstar Studios

Back in May, Ravenstar Studios had a 30% off sale and, as I'm trying to build up the aerial side of my sci-fi armies, I decided to indulge and pick up a couple of models.

First up was a small flyer for my Protolene Khanate force. This is the Stinger Flyer from Ravenstar's Land Core range (the same range as the Horrid).

Lovely model that glues together really easily. I undercoated in grey, then got out my roll of masking tape and carefully cut a number of squiggly strips out of it and stuck them in place. I then sprayed again in green, peeled off the masking tape, and achieved not a bad camouflage pattern.

A quick wash, a few bits of red paint, some decals left over from the WW2 Italians, and the little craft was done.

Unfortunately, as you can probably see, I did have a little bit of a problem with the finish. For some reason everything came out quite dark and dusty. 

Still, not a bad little model and now the Protolenes have some air support. Cost of the Stinger is only $14...which used to be quite cheap!

Big Men for the Protolenes

Originally posted 24th December 2013

I'm trying not to start any more sci-fi armies for the moment, concentrating on completing the many that I have already.

This is actually harder than it sounds, as some of them don't actually come from complete ranges and have to be filled in as and when I come across something appropriate. For example, Khurasan's ambulatory plants, the Vornid, are lovely, but the 'range' only consists of a few infantry poses. I've already added Hydra's Slishians as command figures, and am now waiting for a package from Ravenstar with some 'Horrids' to add bio-vehicles.

Anyway, first up in the gap-filling are some command figures for Critical Mass's Protolene Khanates:

More Protolenes!

Originally posted 4th August 2011

A couple more units added: a second platoon of Hunter infantry; the Predator Communications/Electronic Warfare Ayame battlesuit variant; and a squad of Predator Ayame Assault battlesuits: the one's with the big jet engines on their backs!

Protolene Hunter Infantry from Critical Mass Games

Gallery: The Protolene Khanate from CMG

Originally posted 10th July 2011

With Critical Mass Games producing a whole load of new Protolene Khanate Ayame walkers, I've re-vamped the Khan's gallery page and started adding more units.

First up are the Ayame Mortar Assault walkers: a departure from the rest of the Ayame range as they aren't assigned to any of the three "branches" of the Khan army: the Hunters, Scouts or Predators. 

These are, however, great figures, and provide a much needed indirect fire support capacity for the Khan. As they are "branch-less", I decided to paint them up in grey, but couldn't resist making their claw hand the same colour as my predator models...perhaps as if they had been fitted from spare parts left over after a particularly bloody battle!

Gallery: The Protolene Khanate

Originally posted 29th August 2010

I haven't had a chance to do much gaming in the last month or so:  holidays, work, real life etc! I have, however, been able to do a little painting: here are the first pictures of the Protolene Khanate, Critical Mass Games' excellent range of dog-headed sci-fi infantry and walkers. 

To give you some idea of how large the medium walkers are, the infantry below are mounted on 20p plastic tokens, the medium walkers on large FOW bases...

Can't wait to try them out on the table!

Scout Snipers

Scout Marrock

GYFTOOMF: Protolene Khanate

Originally posted 30th March 2010

I've added details for Critical Mass Games' Marrok Walkers: medium walkers to support the Protolene Khanate infantry.

The image below doesn't really do justice to the size of this thing, but a 15mm infantryman comes in at under the walker's knee height!