Arab Israeli AAR: Rumi El Bakhara

I hadn’t gamed with old friend Neil for at least 18 months, so it was a pleasure to get a date into the diary and push some lead around the table again.

We decided to have a battle set in the 1967 Six Day War between an Israeli and an Egyptian (UAR) force. The game would be a fictional encounter battle using the TooFatLardies Charlie Don’t Surf Vietnam rules adapted for the theatre and available elsewhere on this site.

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Israeli Yom Kippur Lists Updated

Just a quick update to the Israeli lists really to bring them in line with the format/look of the Egyptian lists that I posted earlier this week.

What's changed? Well, the only real difference is that I've expanded the details on aircraft and anti-aircraft assets, and added a pictorial front cover. So worth downloading again.

Next up will be the Syrians.

CDS: Egyptian Lists for the 1973 Yom Kippur War

I've now had a chance to finish and post the second set of FOC army lists for a 1973 Yom Kippur War Charlie Don't Surf! expansion: the Egyptians.

This list covers all the various incarnation of infantry and mechanised infantry company, along with their supporting armour, air defence and artillery.

It also covers the possibilities of the initial assault across the canal, where the Egyptians were working to a well-practised fixed plan, and includes the slight variations for commandoes and paratroopers.

As always, let me know if you find any inaccuracies:

CDS: IDF Lists for the 1973 Yom Kippur War

The first of the briefings, covering the Israeli Defence Force, for using Charlie Don't Surf to fight the 1973 Yom Kippur War is now live on the Yom Kippur War homepage.

A tough list to put together, as the sources of information are often contradictory. I can't see why someone who knows can't just post somewhere on the Internet a proper, unadulterated TOE, unadapted for any game system, for an IDF infantry company (mechanised, paratrooper or motorised) in 1973. Someone must have one!

So, as is the usual TFL practice, what I have done is construct a list for an infantry company (mechanised or paratrooper), plus a list for a tank company, that I think is pretty representative of what was actually fielded at the time.

Happy to look at any other information that people have. Either comment here or e-mail me at the usual address (

Rock the Casbah AAR: Slow But Steady

A quick AAR from Anton Ryzbak's blog Anton's Wargame Blog. This report concerns an Israeli advance to clear a Palestinian held town, and uses the Rock the Casbah supplement for IABSM and TWAT.

Click on the pic below to see all (note that the cameraman was obviously under fire for most of the game, so some of the pics are a little fuzzy).

Modern AAR: A Fight in Lebanon

Another amazing Rock the Casbah AAR from the archive of Anton Ryzbak's excellent blog Anton's Wargame Blog, this one dating back to 2013.

The scenario is an Israeli penetration into a PLO controlled area in Lebanon. Each side had specific, and potentially asymmetric, objectives as well as very different forces and capabilities...which made for a very interesting game.

This AAR is so big that it originally appeared as three separate posts on Anton's blog. You'll be pleased to hear that I've combined everything into one enormous report that is absolutely definitely well worth a look.

All hail the indestructible killdozer!

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What a great set up!

What a great set up!

Rock the Casbah AAR: The Al Bass Crossroads

Another brilliant Lebanon 1982 battle report from Anton Ryzbak's blog, Anton's Wargame Blog.

This AAR, from 2012, covers the further adventures of the Israeli column featured in his last two games, and is actually written by fellow player Justice and Rule. 

The report features vast numbers of pictures (seventy-five in all!) showing off some of the wonderful terrain they were using. Viewing is highly recommended. Click on the pic below to see all:

B'Maso AAR: Saving Shavanje

I'm painting hard at the moment, trying to get everything ready for next Saturday's game of IABSM. That's the trouble with deciding to try a new theatre, setting up the table, then realising that work, training etc means you have precisely this weekend to paint the ten vehicles you need for the scenario you want to game!

So, to give me (and my back!) a break from the painting table, I've found the time to upload another great B'Maso battle report from the archive of the excellent Anton's Wargame Blog.

Again it was set in Rhodesia in the 1970s, and was a battle to rescue the legendary rebel leader, Garfield Shavanje, from the hands of the Rhodesian Police. He had been wounded and captured in an earlier battle after a heroic resistance along with a few other rebels. Rumor was that they were being held in the local Police Station.

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A Rhodesian Police Patrol

Taking a break from the second part of The September War scenario pack, I find myself getting very interested in expanding my wargaming interests further into the modern era. We're talking later than the conflicts of the  1960's (French Indochina, Vietnam and the Six Day War) and right into the 1970's and beyond.

That's partly due to Team Yankee and all those pictures of shiny new 1980's toys that just belong in my collection (and see also some of the recent entries into the painting challenge) but mainly down to discovering a couple of excellent compilations of modern AARs using IABSM, CDS, and the supplements B'Maso and Rock the Casbah.

Some of these have already started to appear on this site (e.g. Mark Kinsey's excellent Angolan games) and now here's the first from Anton Ryzbak's excellent blog Anton's Wargaming Blog.

This first AAR dates back to 2011 and, using B'Maso, covers a Rhodesian Police Patrol. Click on the pic to see all: 

Another Modern AAR: Chetequera

As people seemed to like yesterday's modern AAR, taken from Mark Kinsey's excellent blog Daddy's Little Men, here's another in the same vein.

This time, we go further back in time to Historicon 2010, where Mark and friends are running a game based on the battle of Chetequera: part of Operation Reindeer, which began on 4 May 1978, and was South Africa's second major military operation in Angola, carried out under the Apartheid regime. This phase of the South African operation consisted of an assault by 2 South African Infantry Battalion on two South West Africa People's Organisation (SWAPO) base complexes, Chetequera and Dombondola, near to the then-South West Africa/Angola border.

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Modern AAR: Cassinga

Here's an historical AAR I've been wanting to post for some time: Mark Kinsey and Jon Yuengling's Cassinga game for Fall In 2013.

The Battle of Cassinga took place on 4th May 1978 during the South African Border War. The battle involved South African forces raiding a suspected SWAPO base at Cassinga, Angola and, covered in the game below, the intervention of a Cuban armoured force operating out of the nearby Techamutete village.

The game was played using a combination of I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! and B'Maso!, the latter being the Wars in Africa 1950-99 supplement for IABSM.

Click on the picture below to see how this great game played out: