IABSM AAR: Anzio #20: Fischfang Day 3

Nice little battle report from Dan Albrecht and his friends at the Vermont Historical Gamers group in South Burlington Vermont.

Scenario is #20 from the Anzio: Wildcat to Whale scenario pack: part of the German counter-attack that was Operation Fischfang, Day Three.

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IABSM AAR: Anzio #13: Aprilia

Cracking game of I Ain't Been Shot, Mum fought this weekend just gone.

We used scenario #13 from the Anzio: Wildcat to Whale scenario pack featuring the action on 8th/9th February 1944 as the Germans advanced on Aprilia (the Factory).

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IABSM AAR: Carroceto

Here's another great battle report from Joe Patchen, this time covering a game of I Ain't Been Shot, Mum using scenario #2 of the Anzio: Wildcat to Whale scenario pack.

It's 25th January 1944 and the Allies have surprised the Germans by landing troops behind their lines at Anzio. Now the British Guards thrust towards Carroceto and the Factory hoping to break out of their beachhead.

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AAR: Fischfang Day 1 - A

Originally posted 27th February 2014

Craig Ambler has been working his way through the Anzio scenario pack. Here's an AAR from his last battle (although not the last in the pack) covering the opening phase of Operation Fischfang. 

This was a truly colossal battle (the Germans have two companies of infantry!) that gave an excellent game.

AAR: Carroceto

Originally posted 14th November 2013

Lardy Craig Ambler takes a trip to Italy to play Carroceto, the second scenario in the Anzio: Wildcat to Whale scenario pack.

A game characterised by lethal dice rolling:  the British suffering fifty Kills and only three points of Shock. My only question is where I can get dice like that!

AAR: West of Pierrecourt & The Campoleone Salient

Originally posted 4th April 2013

Two superb After Action Reports from Brian Cantwell, both for I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

In the first, an American recon force tries to scout ahead in the first scenario from the Blenneville or Bust! scenario pack.

In the second, the Germans counter-attack at Anzio: their target is the Campoleone Salient, scenario 11 from the Anzio: Wildcat to Whale supplement pack.

West of Pierrecourt

The Campoleone Salient

Anzio: Wildcat to Whale now available

Originally published 10th September 2007

Are You Wildcat Or Whale?


Hit the beaches or defend the hills with Robert Avery's latest pdf scenario booklet for "I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!"

An extensive history of the first month of Operation Shingle, the Allied invasion of Italy at Anzio in January 1944, accompanied by twenty-one unique scenarios for "I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!" including attacks, counter-attacks, encounter battles, desperate defences, fighting retreats, and ambushes!

Players will encounter a huge variety of troop types: line infantry, Guardsmen, Parachute infantry (on both sides), Luftwaffe ground troops (a penal battalion at that), Rangers and more. Fight them over terrain as testing as anything encountered in any theatre of the war: flat ground, muddy ground, wadis...Anzio has it all!

Each scenario contains a background history, maps, a full game briefing, and a full briefing for each player. Simply print out the pages you need, unpack your figures, set up the table, and away you go! You can see sample pages by clicking here.

Available now, along with Robert's previous booklets The Defence of Calais; Vyazma or Bust; Fall of the Lion Gate; and Bloody Burma.

"Anzio: Wildcat to Whale " contains the following scenarios: The Mussolini Canal; Carroceto; The Road to Cisterna; The Road to Sessano; The Huts; Cisterna; The Cisterna Creek Ravine; Campoleone Railway Station; Towards the Vallelata Ridge; Highway 7; The Campoleone Salient; East of The Factory; Aprilia; North of Carroceto; Carroceto Again; Aprilia Again; Fischfang Day One - A; Fischfang Day One - B; Fischfang Day Two; Fischfang Day Three; and Fischfang Day Four.