New 15mm WW2 Figure Manufacturers posted

Originally posted 10th March 2011

I've added a couple of new entries to the list of WW2 15mm manufacturers.

First up are Obscure Miniatures with the somewhat controversial release of a range of 15mm Hitler Jugend figures. Here is the bumph from their website along with a couple of pictures:

"Well, here is the beginning of our "Battle for Berlin" range. To start with we have the Hitler Youth. The command is 15mm to the eyes and the infantry is 15mm to the top of the head. These are scaled to be children soldiers. If you ever really wanted to do Berlin and the end of the war with the correct figures here they are. Some of the helmets and gear has been over scaled to give that cast off, hand me down feel. We hope these fit in with some of your battles."

Next up is an entry for Zvezda, a Russian company that have been threatening to release 1/100th scale plastic tanks for some time. Their website is in Russian, but translates into English, but you will probably need to find a distributor from whom to order rather than being able to do so directly.

As far as I can see from the website catalogue, they have four models available now:  an early T-34 (natch!); a T-26; a Panzer II and a Panzer III. Here's a small piccy pf the T-34 (not sure what that flag is doing at the back) which is apparently a five part kit. The picture links to the appropriate Zvezda page so you can see a bigger version, along with pictures of the front and back of the box showing more detail.