Q13: Odds & Ends for the Dwarves in Space

Been filling in some of the gaps in my Dwarves  in Space army.

First up are the command figure and a sniper for Khurasan's Thrainites:

These are nice models, as you would expect from Khurasan, and paint up well. There's only one slight problem: the command figure stands easily taller than most 15mm figures, so unless his actual legs end at the figure's knees and the rest is battlesuit, he is about as un-dwarvish as you can get. Harold Hastrada the dwarf!

The sniper is better sized, and my painting hasn't really done the little devil justice.

Next up are some command figures and support platform for the Cactus Mine contingent:

The two figures come from CP Models' very limited line of space dwarves. The Armadillo support platform is from White Dragon and is a most unusual model. It is a quadruped walker with an armoured skirt on just one side. It mounts a gatling cannon on top, and has a couple of light mortar batteries on its armoured side. It's a unique model with just one drawback: the price. That little thing cost me £7 at Salute, which is why the little men will have to make do with just the one. I mean, that's as much as a whole tank...and one from Battlefront at that!