Strange Times

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What strange times we are living in!

And all the politics etc that is going on at the moment seems to have affected this website too:  traffic is down by half and I've had almost no entries to the painting challenge for a week or so.

Is this coincidence? Or is there a rejection of all things trivial, such as our hobby, in favour of focusing on real life? Or perhaps no-one is interested in early war army lists for IABSM.

As for the latter, perhaps there is a feeling that the TFL company-sized games that this site focuses on (IABSM, CDS, Q13) are a bit passed it or out of favour at the moment. Certainly if you look on the TFL Yahoo Group it's all CoC and SP, SP and CoC and so forth.

But then why would the painting challenge be quiet as well? Yes I'm sitting on three or four entries at the moment, but usually I'd have had to do at least two updates by now, each with around eight or so entries.

Strange times indeed...but I'm interested in what you think about the above. Comment on this post or PM me at the usual address.

PS  Just to emphasise, I mean about the above not about Brexit!