IABSM: New Manufacturer: Heer46

Well, not a brand new manufacturer, as Heer46 have been around for some time, but a new manufacturer added to the list!

Most of what Heer46 does in 15mm scale is, as the name suggests, Weird World War 2 stuff (Jagdpanthers with gigantic flamethrowers, collosal US tanks etc) but they do produce a few useful bits and bobs for the more traditional WW2 gamer.

Very useful, for example, are aerial racks for SdKfz 251 half-tracks: something that allows you to convert a standard 251 into a proper command vehicle. Here's a pic of a recent unboxing, clearly showing two of the racks in question:

I've actually used the racks for SdKfz 250s. They don't really fit, and have the cross-bracing used in 251s but not 250s, but they will most definitely do and look quite good. More on that in a future post i.e. when I've finished the squadron.

You can also just about see a Big Man in there too. One of the other useful things Heer46 do is a selection of individual, non-standard command figures. They are very detailed and paint up well: giving you a set of unique figures to use instead of one of the mass-produced Battlefront or Peter Pig officers.

Check out Heer46 either through the WW2 manufacturers page on this website, or by clicking here to go straight to their site.