Second Tah-Sig Platoon

Slowly working my way through the rest of the TahSig: 15mm sci-fi from Khurasan.

One of the problems of playing sci-fi games is a lack of familiarity with the units involved...even if it's only because I don't play often enough.

I mean, I can spot a Denison smock at a distance and work out I'm probably looking at WW2 British Paras (I'm talking figures here, not real life!), and then know a bit about their OBs and capabilities, but have to think a bit before being able to do the same for any of the sixteen or so 15mm sci-fi armies I have.

I've therefore decided to make life easy for me with the Tah-Sig. Each platoon will have different coloured armour: first platoon in red, second in green, and company HQ to be decided. Then each section has a different coloured tail-fin and top-knob on their armour. Simples!

So here are the first two squads from platoon two:  green armour rather than red, and with red and yellow squad markers.

One squad and the platoon HQ to go, add a few more for the company HQ, and that's all the infantry finished for the moment.