TFL Painting Challenge: Entries Flooding In!

Originally posted 9th January 2014

More participants and more achievements for the 2014 Painting Campaign.

Additional participants (in no particular order) are Ralph Plowman, Joakim Ström, and Steve Parry-Harries, 

Lots of achievements as well. Top of the list has to be Warrior In The Attic who has managed to complete three Napoleonic French foot units plus officer and artillery. Lovely paint jobs worth a stunning 607 points. 

Other achievers are Jon Yuengling, two T-62 15mm tanks; Dick Bax, two 20mm Universal Carriers; Mike Whitaker, two 15mm anti-tank guns; and Jason Ralls with thirty-two 15mm Napoleonic British infantry and their mounted officer.

Napoleonic Foot from Warrior in the Attic