TFL Painting Challenge Update

Originally posted 6th January 2014

I'm pleased to be able to add some more names to the participants in the 2014 Painting Campaign, and to record some more achievements.

Additional participants (in no particular order) are Craig Ambler, Derek Hodge, WillieB, Pingu, Dave Humm, Mike Whitaker, Jon Yuengling, Topi Mikkola, John Thomas, Jim Catchpole, John de Terre Neuve, Dick Bax, Warrior in the Attic & Chris Stoesen.

There have been some big scores notched up already. Jon Yuengling earned 144 points for his twelve 1/6000 ships; Mike Whitaker achieved 106 points for his 106 WW2 British Infantry; and Jason Ralls and Craig Ambler both managed about 60 points for 15mm figures again.

There have been some lovely photographs sent in as well. I'm going to feature two today. First up, Jason Ralls' British WW2 tanks; next, Benito has recorded his first points with a 28mm Italian LMG team.